10 Uses for Your Garage

Post by a contributing Engaged Home writer. I love the creativity in this list. It makes me want to reclean our garage and get creative. 🙂

Garages come in all shapes and sizes. Some are attached to the home. Others are a little separate building next to your house. They sound pretty boring, right? Wrong! Your garage could be one of the most essential parts of your home. Just think of the potential . . . 

The Obvious: Safe-Keeping for Your Car

If you live where it gets really hot or cold, housing your car in the garage can make life a whole lot easier! Forget scrapping your windshield every morning or running the air on full blast to cool the sauna inside your car. Plus, who wants the risk of birds delivering their unwanted messages all over your windscreen?

An Alternative Educational Space

If you’re a home educator, you can sometimes feel claustrophobic teaching and living in the same space (usually the kitchen table!). Converting your garage into a cool classroom means you have a dedicated workspace where you can conduct class. Though, you may need to install a space heater or window air conditioner to make it workable. 

Personal Home Theater 

Convert your garage into the perfect movie theater. Watch the latest blockbuster or even your favorite home movie. Stretch up a sheet with a projector, bring out pillows and blankets and enjoy a movie on the big screen. 

Music Room

If music is your passion, then why not add some soundproofing tiles and make your garage the perfect rehearsal space? You could even turn it into your own home studio and mix the next chart topper! There is a reason garage bands are so popular.

Expand the Territory

If your garage is too small, too old, or you don’t even have one, why not build it bigger and better? If you already have an old garage, you should be within your rights to knock it down and rebuild with Armstrong Steel to make it a more versatile space. Check with your local authority if you’re planning to build from scratch.

Gaming Getaway

Your garage could easily become the perfect games’ room. Store all your consoles, board games, your pool table, and even your foosball set in there. This could be the perfect location for family game night or teenage slumber parties.

Storage, storage, storage

Most of us use at least some of the garage space to store… well… junk. We know we should clear it out, but more and more ends up in there every year. Build up shelves and cupboard space and make your storage unit more purposeful. For many of us with small houses, big families, and limited indoor storage, we rely on the space in our garage. 


Garages are great places for expanded utility storage. Washers, tumble driers, and chest freezers perfect to locate in the garage. As always, keep the space tidy and organized with fitted cupboards and shelves.


If you love DIY, then why not turn your garage into an awesome workshop? Install a permanent workbench, gather your power tools, and crack into your next project. Garages can also be converted into little art studios for those more artistically inclined.

Mom’s Sanctuary–Forget She Sheds

Forget the man-cave or she shed! Convert your garage into your own sanctuary complete with a cozy couch, bookshelves, decorative rug, TV, workout mat, and scented candles. 😉

What do you use your garage for?