After a Long {Unintended} Break and 15 Things I Love About Our New Home

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Well, if I ever proved my greenness with blogging, it was with my complete failure to have posts scheduled ahead through our move to our new home. I actually think I did a better job scheduling posts when we moved across the country with a 3-month-old last year! But in my defense, I did not anticipate not having internet at the house for a week . . . (excuses, excuses). Apparently, our new location is a bit hard to service for cell phone reception and internet. I feel like we went off-the-grid–ha! We are now within city limits, which we were not last time.

Well, I am sure you are all burning with desire to know how we like/love our new home. First of all, I love it here. In many ways it is the type of home I have always dreamed of. It is not big or fancy. And I will probably always covet more storage, but here are a few things I love:

  1. We back up to a wooded area that is beautiful (I can’t wait to see it in fall—plus, we have a silver maple in front). Our friend Andrew didn’t notice any poison oak or ivy yet, but he did find gooseberries! (Yay!) I believe jam making is in our future . . .
  2. We have a big hill that is a pain for Mitch to mow, but until we finish fencing, it will be a splendid sledding hill. 😉
  3. We have some overgrown Tiger Lilies (my birthday flower), we have some other lilies in the front, Sedum–Mitch’s birthday flower that will look great this fall, healthy ferns, and even a tiny lilac bush! Whoever did the landscaping in the front did a good job planting flower bulbs that will bloom every year and at different times during the spring, summer, and fall.
  4. There are so many birds, squirrels, and critters that like our yard. Like slugs. I found two huge slugs last night on the patio and a toad.
  5. All of our neighbors that we have met so far are kind and helpful people. We look forward to building good relationships with them.
  6. My mom brought us tomato and pepper plants, and our friends gave us some Serrano Pepper plants. We now have too many to plant in containers. So we need to make friends with someone with a rototiller soon . . .
  7. I relearned how to paint (and how deceptively hard that can be when you are a perfectionist). We painted our bedroom, baby girl’s bedroom, and touched up a bit outside. The kitchen was already painted yellow–which was what I always wanted. The living room  has a blue accent wall, which–after some deliberation–we decided we like. For all of the cleaning and painting we had the wonderful help of my parents, my friend Andrea, and Mitch’s parents. Family and friends such a huge blessing. Thank you to all the family who helped us prep the house and all our friends who helped us move! Moreover, Mitch has been working hard every day taking care of projects. I could not have asked for a more wonderful husband who is willing to give up vacation days and days off to, well, work. (The same goes for my mom and dad. They took vacation days to come help us work on the house.)
  8. Ample counter and cabinet space. I was nervous about space because there is no pantry. We did put our pantry shelves for canned and dry goods in the garage. Inside we had plenty of space for what we needed.
  9. Baby girl’s room is 90% done, and I love how it turned out.
  10. Baby girl’s play/creation room off the living room (originally intended as a dinning room) is probably what I am most proud of, though I still need to paint some of the furniture and decorate the walls.
  11. Newer appliances (came with the house). This included an ice and water dispenser on the front of the fridge, something we both really hoped for.
  12. Natural light. Though, like storage, I am a glutton for natural light, I am quite content with the amount we get here. There is only one room where I feel like I need to turn on the light during the day. The living room doesn’t get a ton, but enough.
  13. Few spiders (knock on wood). We did get the place sprayed. But even before we did, all the spiders who had moved in where the small, daddy long-legish spiders that I don’t mind killing. Well, I guess there was one big grass spider inside and couple in the garage–but so far not a single Brown Recluse! Most importantly, I feel safe. I go around barefoot and unafraid, and I don’t have to worry about what baby girl will come across. 🙂
  14. No stairs! (Insert happy dance.) When we went back to clean the rental, baby girl was obsessed with going up and down the stairs. She could go up like a pro, but they were too steep for her to go down alone. No stairs also means no baby gate. And no carrying loads of laundry up and down stairs, stepping over baby gates as I go. Whew!
  15. It feels like home. Over the next few years, we will continue to make many memories here. Hopefully, we will welcome in more kids, plant a garden, walk to the park, sled down the hill, cuddle on the couch, read good books, sit and listen to the birds sing and watch the squirrels play, have movie nights, cry and grieve over loss or heartache, welcome in family and friends with love and hospitality, bake cookies, play games, open our home to our youth group teens, laugh over dinner, visit with neighbors, and praise God daily for all the blessings–big and small. Because a house is a house. These are the things that make it a home.

What do you love about your home? Share in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “After a Long {Unintended} Break and 15 Things I Love About Our New Home

  1. Oh, wow, Nathana I am so excited for you guys! Your new home is gorgeous, and what a blessing that there was already such nice landscaping! I can’t wait until the day when we have a house. It is so fun to read about your life, because I feel like you are just a few years ahead of me, so I get to dream about our future as I read about your present. You have such a gorgeous back yard, and I hope you can write some gardening posts once you get your veggies in! We started our first garden this summer, and we have loved it immensely. Also, that mini piano in Rebekah’s room is so incredibly adorable! Where did you ever find that? SO cute!
    Bethany L. recently posted…In Which my Baby Fever Gets the Best of Me, and I Use a Baby GeneratorMy Profile

    • Thank you Bethany! The piano belonged to Mitch’s cousin, and then to him and his siblings. It has been passed down to us. 🙂 Rebekah loves it. It is well-worn with penciled-in names on the top and chipped keys, but it still plays great!

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