Cost vs. Value: The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Bonuses

I am very careful about what I promote and put my name on as a blogger. But the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle pretty much sells itself once you look into everything it has to offer. What originally drew me to it as a buyer, before a blog was ever a dream in my mind, was the quality of the bonus offers.

There is no doubt the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a great deal for the quantity of resources that you get. Remember you get this entire bundle of 93 resources for only $30But the real question is “Is it worth it for you?”  Because you can have the 93 resources, but if you don’t use them, are you getting your money’s worth? That’s why I love to share the collection of ebooks and ecourses so you can look over what is offered.

I know when I look into buying bundles like this, I always carefully scan the ebooks, the courses, and most of all the bonus offers to see if 1) Will I actually use it? 2) Will I get my money’s worth out of it? (These bonus offers are in addition to the 93 resources you would already be getting in the $30 bundle!)

This year, as an affiliate, I made a point to order the bundle and bonuses soon enough to read and review several of the ebooks and courses, and to test the value vs. the cost of the bonus products offered. So here are my unfiltered thoughts on this year’s bonus offers:

FREE 1-Year Membership (Plus all membership goodies, including full access to RightNow Media!):

Value: $29.00 (Online product, so no shipping charges)

First of all, I had never heard of But it is AMAZING! The variety of resources is fantastic.

Hope Ink: 

Value: ($71–Depending on the bonus chosen)

This is a bonus I look forward to every year! I love Emily’s beautiful artwork. Plus, she graciously offers a variety of bonus offers. The first (and my favorite) is that you can add three prints to your cart ($28 each). Enter the code and receive two of those prints for free ($56 value) and $15 off the third print, so only pay $13, plus $7 standard shipping. But you get three gorgeous prints to frame (valued at $71) for $20 if you include shipping. I have one framed in my kitchen and another in Rebekah’s room. We are putting two up in our middle school youth room at church and giving one as a thank you to my sister-in-law. Plus, I think they would make awesome high school graduation presents! And that time of year is upon us!



Hope Ink Ultimate Homemaker's Bundle Bonus 2 free prints and $15 credit




Emily is also offering two other bonuses that you can use at other times in additions to this one. The first is that you can receive $30 off a purchase of $100 or more and 3 FREE 8×10 prints ($84 value). This is great if you are buying several prints for graduation gifts or say, redoing a youth room at church?! 😉 (Standard shipping applies.)

Finally, the third offer: sign up for her newsletter and you get two original art printables for free. You do have to print them yourself, but they are completely free! (Must redeem by June 3, 2016)

Grove Collective:

GroveCoOffer Bundle Bonus buy $20, get $30 of free products

Value: $30

This is an online service selling natural cleaning and personal products. They deliver the products right to your door. With this bundle you get a 60-day VIP access with FREE shipping. You also get FREE Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap, Mrs. Meyer’s Multi Surface Spray, Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle, and Grove Collaborative Scrubber Sponges.

The catch here (and why I have not ordered it yet) is that to get those free products you must make a $20 minimum purchase. However, I am pretty sure I will budget to buy $20 worth next month because
1. Free Shipping
2. A huge variety of quality natural products and brands that I can use personally or save for gifts
3. Their products are discounted from the list price and cheaper than I can usually buy them in the store.

***Existing customers will receive a FREE 1-year VIP membership ($39.95 value) in place of free product offer. Essentially, once you break it all down, you get almost $30 of free product, plus free shipping. Not bad considering $30 is the cost of the whole bundle! (Must redeem by June 3rd, 2016)***

FREE Kids Discovery Box from

GreenKidCrafts bundle bonus - try a month for free

Value: $24

I will be honest, I have not ordered this one yet and am debating if I actually will. Not necessarily because it is a bad deal; rather, Rebekah is not the right age to enjoy. Nonetheless, here are the details:

The discovery box is a monthly program with fun STEAM science and craft activities delivered to your door. It is a subscription. It comes with 5-8 activities created to nurture a generation of creative leaders and learners. There is a different theme every month. The boxes are highly reviewed and rated, plus this subscription service has won numerous awards.

If you pay the $3 shipping, you receive one free “fan favorite” box ($24 value). However, this automatically signs you up for the subscription. You can cancel anytime–but you have to remember to do so!

Is it worth it? I think if your kids are the right age to enjoy it and/or you are homeschooling or looking for fun summer activities, it is a great deal! 🙂 (Must redeem by June 3, 2016)

FREE Spot treatment for Acne and Eczema OR a $15 Gift Certificate toward Bloom Naturals Products:

BloomNaturals bundle bonus $15 gift certificate

Value: $15 (you pay standard shipping)

Bloom Naturals was started by Molly, a mother seeking to nourish her children’s skin without all the fillers and toxins one typically finds in lotions and soaps. She uses only plant oils and butters because she believes these things help the skin restore and heal itself.

I ordered the free spot treatment to use on my acne. So far I think it is working! My pimples are fading faster than usual! (FYI: The only thing I don’t like is the smell . . .)

Bloom Naturals customer service is incredible! Molly usually responded to my email questions within a couple hours with personal, thoughtful responses. I asked her about Rebekah’s eczema and what product she would recommend. Molly responded and suggested I try Nourish for babies. It is an all-in-one body and face cleanser + moisturizer. So far Rebekah’s skin is responding very well to it! She leaves the bath feeling soft and moisturized, not dried out like before. It is also helping heal her bottom, which is often prone to rash. And it smells great. My only suggestion would be that unless your baby has cradle cap, don’t use it on your baby’s hair because it will leave it oily. We’ve found that Rebekah’s hair and head respond best to being washed with just water.

$15 Gift Certificate to InkWELL Press:

InkWELLPress bundle bonus--$15 gift certificate

Value: $15 (plus standard shipping)

I was really excited about this bonus, because I have been wanting some organizational tools to help with our family schedule, meal planning, and blog scheduling. I ordered their weekly kickstarter notepad because I felt it could help me keep track of everything in one place. So far I am loving it! Especially how it helps me prioritize what is most important each week. I even shared some of the sheets with my husband because he wanted to try them in the office.

InkWELL Press has an assortment of journals, planners, meal planners, notepads, and accessories. Their products would make an awesome graduation gifts or back to school products!

I ordered a $17 weekly notepad (more than enough sheets for the whole year) + $6.50 standard shipping – $15 gift certificate = $8.50. It is maybe a little bit more than I would have liked to pay, but I think that the product is stylish, made with quality paper, and we are already using it like crazy! (Redeem by June 3, 2016)


FREE Online Class from Craftsy:

Value: $30-70

Craftsy offers a ton of craft and sewing video classes. You can access them from any computer or device, anytime. Even though I love crafts and sewing, I selected a cooking class based around using your food processor. The recipes we know to use with our food processor are some of our favorites, but we only know a couple. So I thought I would like to learn more! It is online, so there are no shipping costs and is completely free! Plus, you have 24 great class choices to choose from. (Must be redeemed by June 3, 2016.)

FREE 90-day Pro Membership to

Value: $30 (no shipping costs)

Full disclosure, I hate doing apps and things like this on my phone. So I am not personally interested. However, my husband LOVES things like this, so this bonus is going to him!

It gives you three months to try it out. And if you like it, the regular rates are quite reasonable. And, when Mitch signs up for it, he can always print me hard copies of lists, since that is an option. 😉 The idea behind it is whether printed or digital, you never have to be without your list! Which, considering I usually leave my grocery list at home, this might be smart . . . Maybe I will give it a try!
FREE Hand Massage Routine Videos from Melt Massage for Couples:

Value: $24 (online, so no shipping charges)

First of all, this video is very tasteful. There is no nudity or awkwardness to worry about in any of their videos. It is also a great way to connect with your spouse, especially if their love language is physical touch.

Sex is very important to marriage. As parents to a one-year-old, we are learning how important it is to be intentional. And if sex is not currently a priority for you, maybe the Melt Massage free hand massage video will help inspire some physical closeness for you and your spouse. Mitch and I tried it and loved it. Mitch is fantastic at massages, but we don’t use it as foreplay. It feels great—of course—but it always relaxes me to the point of falling asleep. It is not rare for me to be snoring by the end of a massage . . . Fortunately for Mitch, it does make me feel very loved and appreciated and more sexually charged for the next day. 😉

So, what do you think? Which bonus is your favorite? Remember, you get all of these bonuses on top of the 93 resources, for only $30. Seriously, the deal of the year!