5 Tips for Exercise and Healthy Living for Busy Moms

Hi ladies! I get asked a lot about how to get your workouts in when you’re a busy mom or working professional. It seems impossible sometimes  to get to the gym when you’ve got a job, a family, or if you’re a brand new mom. And that is where I come in! I know that adding exercise into your life is difficult sometimes. I can imagine with busy families it feels like there is no time for YOU. But all you need is about 10 minutes. 10 minutes is enough time to get in some bodyweight exercise and healthy living for busy moms like you!

Here’s a video with my favorite 5 bodyweight exercises for busy moms. These exercises are bodyweight and combination moves. They’ll add resistance but get your heart rate up as well.

The best thing about these exercises is that you can do them at home without any actual gym equipment! I did 8-10 reps for each one, but do as many as you can. If 6 is all you can do that’s great. Work your way up to a total of 3 sets!

Hopefully you’ll feel encouraged with the more exercise you do and find you’re getting stronger. Especially for those of you busy moms that are trying to transition into health living. It takes time. It takes 2 full days to start a habit. So keep going, soon enough you’ll make it a habit.

I just want to give you a few tips and tricks for healthy living for you busy ladies! I am all about a balance and have experienced that there’s no perfect route to healthy living.

 Tip 1: Exercise at least 3 times a week! Even if all you can get in is 20-30 minutes. That’s all you need. Make these sessions more intense (i.e. instead of walking for 30 minutes add in periods of jogging). Commit to three workouts. This might not seem like a lot. But when compared to zero, it makes a huge difference! The great news is you can workout anywhere: get fit at home, at the gym, or at a nearby park. These workouts can be anything…walking/running the dog, bodyweight exercises in your home, going to the gym, hiking, kayaking, etc. 30 minutes, 3 times a week. You’ll burn calories, start conditioning your heart, and rev up your metabolism. Who’s going to commit to 3 days?

Tip 2: Prepare healthy snacks. Here in the fitness industry there is a term called “meal prep”. And many in the fitness industry prepare most of their meals ahead of time. They portion it out and prepare it so that they can grab their meals and know that they are eating healthy. I don’t necessarily think that everyone needs to do full meal prep for healthy living though. If you have the time set aside where you can do that, great! But if not, at least prepare your snacks. Snacking is where a lot of people make their healthy living mistakes. Preparing fruits and vegetables for a few days at a time will help keep you in good habits so that you’ll reach for the carrots and cheese rather than chips or cookies.

Tip 3: Include fruits and vegetables! My biggest healthy living tip is to include fruits and vegetables into most of your meals and snacks. Fruits and veggies are good carbs and they provide you with a TON of vitamins and minerals that are needed to keep your body running right! Today there are a lot of minor issues our bodies face that can get cleared up just by having enough of the vitamins and minerals that come from fruits and vegetables. A good rule of thumb is to eat the (natural) rainbow every week. Some examples are: Dark greens (spinach, romaine, avocados, green beans, snap peas), Blue (Blueberries, Blackberries), Red (Strawberries, Red Peppers), Orange (Oranges, orange bell peppers, mangoes) and Yellow (Bananas, Yellow Peppers). This will also provide more fiber in your diet!

Tip 4: Find something you enjoy! Even though I’m a personal trainer, I also struggle with motivation to get workouts in sometimes. I’ve had to explore different types of exercise that I enjoy, that motivate me to GET MOVING. And you need to do the same! Healthy living shouldn’t be restricting. Rather, it should make you feel good, healthy, and ready to do what God has created you to do. Find healthy foods you like to cook. Find activities that get you moving. For me, that means every 2 months or so I try to go kayaking or hiking. I don’t get to do it every day, but these are activities that remind me of why I like being active. These activities should also bring you a sense of peace, restoration, and energy. When I’m out kayaking in Lake Pleasant, or hiking the trails of Phoenix, I experience more peace and joy than almost any other time. God reminds me of His beauty here and I feel more connected with Him.

Tip 5: Follow the 80/20 rule. This one is really important for finding the balance in healthy living. 80 percent of the time you should eat really healthy. Fuel your body with healthy meals, fruits and vegetables, good carbs, lean protein, and healthy fats. The other 20 percent you can splurge. This gives you a balance so you don’t feel deprived. But it also makes you aware of what you’re eating. Can you make that recipe healthier so you don’t have to splurge? Did you already indulge once this week? You’ll start asking yourselves these questions and it’ll make you aware of what you’re eating and if you’re balancing between healthy and indulgence!

Healthy living is a balance. There are a lot of reasons to pursue healthy living, and the benefits can amaze you! I hope that you know that it may take time as you figure out what works for you. But, if you keep pursuing it and build up your habits one by one, you’ll transition into a healthy and balanced lifestyle that motivates and energizes you!

Thanks for letting me share some healthy living tips!
XO, Braiden Chastain


Hi I’m Braiden and I’m a recent graduate from Grand Canyon University. I received a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurial Studies and a minor in Marketing. In December of 2014 I Received my Personal Training Certification. I grew up as a competitive athlete but became truly passionate about fitness and health during my four years at GCU. I’ve come to find that our bodies are beautiful, amazing, and ready to be treated as such. Now, I’m blogging to help women find a fit and balanced lifestyle that energizes them to be who God has created them to be! Stop by and check me out for more information on how to live a fit and balanced lifestyle!


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    • Thanks for stopping by Caroline! It does force one to be more intentional and creative when you have kids, but that is not a bad thing. It builds discipline! (Or at least that it what I keep telling myself . . . ) 😉

  1. These are great tips and easy to incorporate. I know, I’ve been doing them for years and it really does become a lifestyle. I hate gyms so I brisk walk and exercise in my home. Everyone needs to find what works best for them and stick with it. Enjoyed reading this encouraging post!

    • That is a great idea! I do love PB&J, but salad is my new favorite lunch! I love to dress it up with a yummy dressing, fruit, nuts, grilled chicken, and cheese. 🙂

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