A Busy Two Weeks–Blessings and Adjustments

(So many causes for celebration! Pink decor from Rebekah’s birthday, blue in honor of our boys, and lovely flowers my husband brought home for Mother’s Day. It has certainly been a season of blessing and celebration!)

Well, most of you have probably heard our big news (thanks to social media). But I am so excited to finally share it with you here on our blog! Our boys Daniel Alan and Joseph Morris joined us on May 2nd. The past two weeks were full of new adventures and adjustments. Due to having a completely different birth experience (more on that later) than with Rebekah and having twin boys after a girl, we are learning as we go. But one thing is certain, we are completely smitten.

Daniel and Joseph are fraternal twins and it shows in both their appearance and personalities. Daniel is our first-born. He had made camp in the breech position low in my pelvis. Thus the main cause of our c-section. He has darker hair than Joseph and is smaller by a few ounces. He took to nursing right away, successfully latching and nursing while I was still on the operating table. One of the first things we noticed about him is his serene nature. Sometimes I am just swept away by how peaceful he looks. Don’t get me wrong, he still cries! However, there is just this sweetness to him that melts my heart.

Joseph is our fiery “red head”. (His hair color depends on the lighting.) He looks like a Clay–the Clay genes are strong. Daniel actually looks more like my dad’s side of the family or maybe Mitch’s mom. I am staring into Joseph’s face as I write. He has fought sleep over the past couple hours and is determined to sleep in my arms. I have a feeling he will have a determined nature like his sister. Both boys have very expressive faces, and smiles periodically grace their faces, even from just a couple days old.

I am relieved to say that both boys are perfectly healthy! The only concern plaguing us is their weight gain. They lost a lot of weight initially. They barely let us leave the hospital. My milk took a full week to come in, which didn’t help. They are gaining now, but at the last appointment, still not as much as the doctor hoped. From day three in the hospital we have been trying to supplement with extra syringes of pumped milk or formula. We have an appointment tomorrow to check on progress. I have to admit that though they are nursing pretty well and have all the positive signs (wet and dirty diapers, etc) I feel anxious.

(Daniel Alan at one week)

(Daniel Alan two weeks)

(Joseph Morris two weeks)

We’ve been blessed over and over by the help of our families and friends. As someone who likes to have it “all together” (ha!) it is hard to ask for help. Even to simply accept offers of help. But I am trying to view this as an opportunity for God to refine me. Pride is a struggle for me in my walk with Christ. Holding up appearances means more than it should to me. Letting someone into our home when it is messy and we are weary is difficult. But I believe humility means letting people in–into our hurt, into our brokenness, into our lives. Thank you to those of you who have come alongside us on this journey by bringing food, visiting, watching Rebekah, praying, and encouraging from afar!

I think this is the first time I have legitimately opened my computer since our boys were born. It just so happens that Daniel is sleeping soundly in a rock ‘n play, while I hold Joseph, and Rebekah is out on a playdate with her friend Sally. After they spent all night and morning/afternoon cluster feeding, I should be napping right now. But despite my sleep deprivation after 3 rough nights, I don’t feel tired. I know it will come. I seem to get a burst of energy during the day, but it tends to expire around 5PM.

Thank you for celebrating with us. Because hard though it is, there are reasons to find joy every day and during every season. So weary though we may be, we don’t take these blessings for granted: healthy boys, sunshine, a smart and funny daughter, dedicated doctors and nurses, sacrificial family, and generous and loving friends.