A Coloring Experience and Giveaway





We weren’t sure what the teens would think. At least the guys. Teen girls almost always love coloring, but boys tend to be “too cool” for such fun. But our teen guys took to it as readily as the girls. Maybe it was the cool designs that didn’t feel innately girly, like so many generic coloring books.

The teens chatted as they chose their medium (colored pencils, crayons, or markers) and decided on a color scheme. Even parents and volunteers joined right in on the fun. The only complaint we received was that we did not give them enough time to finish. Art cannot be rushed. But, alas, we had limited time during youth group.

Several months ago when my husband, Mitch, saw Andrew Miller’s creation the Book of Coloring, he said “That is so cool. I can use that for a devotional idea that I have.” And he did.

We are all as different as our coloring pages, but we all come together to build the body of Christ. In our youth group we have athletes, artists, musicians, student body presidents, etc. They have differing personalities and interests, and various talents and gifts from God. Mitch talked about how God could use each and every one of them. He reminded them that we all fit together into God’s great masterpiece–the church, the body of Christ.

And then Mitch revealed to the teens how all of the pages fit together into a cohesive design that they could arrange how they wanted. Their surprise and delight was palpable. We immediately heard them comment, “That is so cool!” “Really?! Can we try it?” And so they crowded around a large piece of butcher paper and attached their pictures, stepping back in awe at how they all fit together to make something beautiful.




In my interview with Andrew Miller in February, he shared about his motivation to create quality, hand-drawn coloring pages that were not just the typical repetitious designs that fill the racks at Walmart. He wanted to design a creative coloring experience that brought people together.

The Book of Coloring does just that. But Andrew’s creativity doesn’t stop there. In addition to being an artist, cartoonist, and talented writer, he designs games. Which makes perfect sense really. Designing games combines his creativity, art, and storytelling. His game, the Cloud Dungeon, brings friends and families together for a silly, fun, and creative game night. The Cloud Dungeon will keep you laughing as you conquer the comical obstacles with friends and family.

What I love the most about The Cloud Dungeon is its accessibility. It is easy to pick up–even with kids as young as ten, and fun to play. And as someone who hates dying early in games and feeling bored–the Cloud Dungeon allows players who die (often me) to continue on as ghosts and still enjoy the fun.

Andrew and family

Cloud Dungeon

And because Andrew is generous and awesome, he is offering a giveaway with very generous prizes: 1 copy of the Book of Coloring, 1 copy of the Cloud Dungeon, the Cloud Dungeon print-and-play and refills, printable Book of Coloring pages, and the “All The Things” character pack (over 30 characters, with weapons, extra items, and more) for the Cloud Dungeon.

Pretty awesome, right? All we ask is that you enter the giveaway and help spread the word. This is a great way to get your hands on some free fun for your family and friends!

Plus, Andrew has included three free coloring pages! Two Cloud Dungeon-themed coloring pages: confused squid and robot activity sheet and a sample page from the Book of Coloring. Print them, color them, and share a picture on social media tagging AndHeGames and The Engaged Home for a 5 point entry in the giveaway (see Rafflecopter below). The giveaway will close on Tuesday, September 20th. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can find and buy the Cloud Dungeon and the Book of Coloring at Andrew’s website. I know Mitch and I want to get our hands on a couple of each for Christmas presents.

Oh and while you are visiting Andrew’s website, you should subscribe for his emails. Not only will you get nine free coloring pages to print, but his emails and blog posts are both funny and inspirational and often include a comic. Plus, subscribing is one of the many ways to enter the giveaway. So win-win-win! 🙂