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Rebekah Rylynn


Do remember that moment when you came home from the hospital with your new baby? Or that day a couple weeks later when all the family left? Or that one 2AM feeding with tears streaming down your face from exhaustion because you couldn’t figure out what was wrong: I thought I was supposed to have a mom-instinct for these things?! Wait, I am a mom?! And I have no idea what I am doing . . . Babies should come with instructions . . .

I remember those moments well. Becoming a mom requires a lot of trust and prayer, because when sleep deprived and overwhelmed—anxiety can burrow its way into our thoughts and plant horrible fears of messing our children up irreparably.

Our first night with our daughter she cried and cried. (Fortunately this didn’t become the norm for her.) After much “What do we do?!” We called our midwife who suggested some skin-to-skin time. It worked magic—mostly because we learned that first night on our own how hot natured our daughter was—just like her daddy!

I also distinctly remember when our daughter went through her first grow spurt. She wanted to nurse constantly, and I felt like my body just wasn’t keeping up. I was sure I was failing her. I was failing at breastfeeding and this whole mom thing. The anxiety built in my chest. And for the life of me I couldn’t get a good latch—plus, it still hurt, a lot. I remember just breaking down at 3AM in complete tears, frustration, and confusion. Mitch went out and bought like five pacifiers as a last ditch effort, none of which she would take. I called our poor midwife at 4AM completely distraught.

I had never heard of a growth spurt. I didn’t know babies needed to suck to communicate to the body how much milk to produce. And I can’t tell you how much this small piece of knowledge brought me relief and helped me relax.

Over the first few months of our daughter’s life I began to learn the importance of self-care. (Repeat after me: Self-care isn’t selfish.) I thought I needed to give my daughter everything–but I some days I felt so physically and emotionally washed up. Allowing myself those few moments of self-care was huge for our whole family because it lifted my mood and gave me energy.

Self-care looks different for everyone. If you are like me, a couple hours with a mug of coffee or hot chocolate and good book with no one around can work wonders in rejuvenating your spirit. I also love taking a relaxing bath, also often with a book . . .

Sometimes self-care means eating healthy so you don’t feel like junk. Or exercising so you feel better about your body and have more energy. Maybe it means enjoying some intentional friend time–very important when you spend all day with your littles.

This postpartum period is so beautiful and wonderful as you bond with your new child, gazing into their eyes, and tearing up several times a day with complete joy. Yes, you are madly in love with this tiny human–but the stresses, the sleep deprivation, the physical and emotional adjustment can be trying, to say the least. Whether you have a vaginal birth or c-section, your body needs some time to recover and feel normal again. Not to mention those hormones!

My friends at Blue Box Gifts are on a mission to spread love and care to postpartum moms. They have created hand-crafted, quality products for postpartum moms to celebrate, recuperate, and relax with after baby is born.

Blue Box Bath Petals

blue box lip balm

Blue Box Set

The creators of the Blue Box Gifts (named for the baby blues), Tracy and Tehia, care deeply for moms in the postpartum period because they both struggled with Postpartum Depression and the baby blues, realities that they want to bring awareness and support to. As of 2013, studies showed that around 22% or 1 in 7 moms suffer from postpartum depression–and that isn’t including how many new moms suffer from the baby blues. Around 70% of postpartum moms go through the baby blues.

In the Blue Box you will find: sugar scrubs, lip balm, bath petals, bath salts, a lavender aromatherapy rice bag in a cute heart shape, a hand-stamped mom necklace, and raspberry leaf tea. (You can check all the options and scents here.)

For one week only Tracy and Tehia are offering a discount code for 10% off a Blue Box: ENGAGEDHOME. Plus, right now they are offering free shipping! 

A Blue Box is a thoughtful way to spread some love and help take care of the new mamas in your life. Plus, you can go in on it with several friends, split the cost, and bless a new mama!

***I don’t financially benefit from Blue Box sales–I just love their mission and think it is a fabulous idea!***