The Color Blue on my Mind

Blue. A serene, peaceful color. The color of Rebekah’s eyes. I’d long been saving some lovely blue yarn to crochet into a sweater for her because I knew it would look beautiful with her eyes. A couple weeks ago I finally decided on a pattern and started. But since December 27th, I’ve had blue on my mind for different reasons.

I started reading Fantastic Mr. Fox (Amazon Affiliate Link) to Rebekah the other day. She seems to really enjoy it, though I decided not to read it to her before bed because it gets a tad scary for a 21-month-old! It has quite the vivid villains. However, I had never read it myself, and I keep wanting to just read ahead and finish it since it is so short.

Rebekah has been ALL about her The Snowy Day book! She asks to read “Nowy Day” several times a day. We’ve been reading a lot of winter and snow picture books lately just to learn about weather and what animals do in the winter. I appreciate books like The Big Snow and Animals in Winter (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science) that we can connect back to everyday life as we explore outside or go for walks. We point out and talk about squirrel nests and learn about different birds that stay around in winter. We put bird seed out and fill our feeder, look for where the squirrels dig up their acorns, and Rebekah loves to point out geese every time they fly overhead.

If you’d asked me before our ultrasound about the gender of our twins, I would have said “Girls or maybe one of each.” I don’t think two boys ever seriously crossed my mind. Plus, I kinda wanted to be able to reuse some of Rebekah’s adorable outfits and sew new baby girl dresses! But, my gut was wrong. And even without the tech pointing it out, the genders of our boys were pretty undeniable! 😉

So yes, I guess the cat is out of the bag–we are having two boys! They looked healthy and strong with no visible problems. My arms are longing to hold them already, though I think I am going to need to build up some upper body strength before they are born . . .

I love this bootie pattern! I like how the author took pictures of each step. Though I had trouble with some of the numbers adding up right, which was frustrating at first. But after restarting a couple times with minor tweaks, I got it to work out. We really love this blue and grey combination. I foresee some blue and grey sweater vests and hats in these boys’ futures! However, we are going to try and not do too much “matching,” especially because they are most likely fraternal twins.

Thank you for sharing in our wonderful news. I still feel like I am digesting the “twins” part, let alone that we are having two boys! We’ve had many people reach out and share resources or encouragement. I am still slightly *okay a lot* nervous, but one thing is for sure, I cannot wait to meet them, cradle them, and begin the next chapter of this crazy adventure.

As always, check out Ginny Sheller’s Yarn Along for more wonderful ideas and inspirations.

7 thoughts on “The Color Blue on my Mind

  1. SO exciting!!! Rebekah is going to love having two little brothers to dote on… and retaining “Sole Princess” status will be fun too 😉

    • Yes! Mitch keeps saying that she needed brothers! And though I am a little sad not to have another little girl, it just makes me treasure all the dressing up and tea parties and princess play all the more with her! And I am very excited about boys. It will be a whole different experience I am sure, but wonderful.

  2. That is very exciting news for all of your family! They will keep you busy! And Rebekah will be the very best helper you could have! She will soon be reading books to her brothers. ?

    • Thank you Sue-Ellen! Rebekah really is quite the big helper! She usually follows instructions well and loves to help around the house. But some days it feels like we are nearing the terrible twos. I don’t know where, but a few days ago she learned (and has been using) the phrase “No way” like when I ask her to pick up her toys. So that is fun. . . . 😉

  3. Twin boys!! So exciting for you all! I am continuing to pray for you and your sweet family – and especially you as you go through your pregnancy. I am sure you are so looking forward to meeting your precious boys!

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