Connecting with Your Child at Home

I am not going to pretend to be supermom. Because if there are two things motherhood has taught me, it is 1) I am more selfish than I like to admit, and 2) I am so thankful for God’s grace and new days!

Like most of you, there are probably days you think Huh, I’m not too shabby at this whole mom thing! I feel like I handled that tantrum really well by connecting to her heart. And she already knows so many shapes and colors! 

And then there are days I think What did I get myself into? My goal today is survival. Did I really just let her eat leftover mac ‘n cheese on the couch while watching Clifford? Yep. Sure did. And now we have cheese sauce on the couch. And in her hair. Awesome. 

Nonetheless, I am an idealist (just ask my sweet husband). And I believe in engaging the hearts and minds of our children at home–their emotions, their spirits, and their rapidly expanding minds.

I am a moderately creative person. Depending on the day. Once and awhile I even come up with a unique craft idea that I am proud of! But most of the time, I need inspiration and ideas.

(An idea similar to this was shared on Facebook by Columbia Parents as Teachers as a fine motor skill activity. I simply used Cheerios instead of Penne pasta. It is also great for practicing counting with your preschooler!)

(I am actually proud of this project because I came up with it completely on my own. My goal was to let Rebekah make her own thank you cards for her birthday presents. We went with an Easter theme since her birthday fell on Easter. I simply bought some cheap name tags/labels and let Rebekah color them with markers and paint a few. Though I think I liked the look and ease of the marker over the paint. I then cut them into egg shapes and helped her put them on blank cards, which she then decorated further with some Easter stickers she got from my mom. It was a lot of fun for both of us!)

Ideas and inspirations are why I love the community of blogging, Pinterest, and the wisdom of other moms. Which is also why I am crazy about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (on sale for 5 more days!). It brings together some of the best resources to nurture your marriage, motherhood journey, faith, homeschooling curriculum, home simplification and organization, healthy eating, hobbies, and so much more–for a steal of a price. The bonus offers alone are worth way more than the small price you pay for the bundle of ecourses and ebooks. (Ok advertisement over!)

So join me in setting aside perfectionism (as an idealist, this is hard for me), putting down our smart phones, sitting on the floor or ground outside, and connecting to our children. They clamor for our attention and the opportunity to connect with us–so let’s give them ourselves! It’s not a competition to see who does the cutest crafts or takes the best pictures, but a calling. A calling to connect to the hearts and souls of our children every day. Listen to their stories–however odd, play their imaginary games, and yes, maybe (gulp) even let them play in the mud.

How do you purposefully connect to the heart of your child? 

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