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It makes my head spin some days trying to comprehend how much others accomplish. To be honest, it often makes me feel less-than enoughHow can she juggle so much and still look so good doing it?!  We live in a do-it-all, have-it-all-right-now world.

I have learned through listening to women bear their souls and through simple observation that having it all, at least all at the same time, is impossible. I believe we can have it all over the course of our lives, but not all at once. Something will inevitably suffer: our marriages, our children, our job performance, our passions, our walk with God, etc.

Life is full of seasons and cycles. I believe we can find peace and purpose through recognizing in what season of life we are residing.

I have just entered the season of motherhood and I am still learning what that means. It has certainly shifted my priorities. Though I still feel passionate about being involved and invested in my husband’s ministry, I have to set limits and occasionally say ‘no’. Blogging and writing are also two of my passions that I love and am going to hustle after, but not at the cost of quality time with my family. (Hence my infrequent posting. I can’t promise I will post more, but I am working on being more consistent. You, dear friends, are important to me too!) Through prayer and seeking God’s will, I am learning what is worth my time and energy during this season of young motherhood.

The obvious, and very important answer is my family. Right now, outside of my relationship with God, my biggest priorities are being a loving and supportive wife and mother. My husband Mitch and daughter Rebekah deserve my best, not my left-overs. However, I do believe that no matter what season of life you are in, there are things worth creating space to pursue. For me it is balance of the mind, body, and spirit

This year I am committed to learning what it means to have a healthy balance. How can I relieve anxiety, feed my mind on God’s word, read good books, and take time to write? How can I strive for health physically through eating nutritious foods, staying physically active, and getting enough sleep? How can I create space to connect spiritually with God through prayer, time in reflection, His word, and through living out my faith by reaching out to others?

When thinking of creating space and balance, I again return to the word intentional. None of the above will happen on accident, at least not consistently. Now that we are settled (ahem, mostly settled . . . ), I am intentionally implementing healthy routines. I am working to establish writing time, family walks, healthy meal plans, Bible and prayer time (both on my own and with Mitch), and various ways we, as a family, can reach out and share Christ’s love with others.

What season of life are you in? Do you feel balanced mentally, spiritually, and physically?

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15 thoughts on “Creating Space and Seeking Balance #Whole Mama

  1. Hi Nathana. Nice to have you join #wholemama! I think you are right about the seasons of life. We do need to create space for the things that matter most like our relationship to God and our family and whatever interests we have like writing, etc. It will look different in our different seasons of life. My children are all grown now so I have more time for other interests, but I still have to intentionally set aside times for prayer and Scripture reading, for writing, etc. God is faithful to give grace and strength each day and I am thankful for His blessings.
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  2. Yes, Nathana! I love that you came back to intentionality. It’s one of my favorite words right now. I want to do so many things, but like you said, we can’t do everything. So I have to intentionally choose which things to do and to leave the rest for another time or another person. So glad you joined in the #wholemama link up!
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  3. I tend toward perfectionism when it comes to intentionality. This means I get a whole lot done, and it is work to be proud of, but it usually leads to exhaustion before I become aware that I have overextended myself. Then I spend a long period of recovery. So I dream of a happy meeting of the two where the pieces fit into place and I walk around a healthy, whole person, who lives in freedom and has a foolproof routine. (Even my fantasies tend toward perfectionism, lol!) In the meantime, I am learning to love myself through the limitations, and not put so many expectations on having a picturesque life. I suppose this, too, takes intention. Thank you for reminding me to return to my values and priorities. Good words!
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    • So true Jamie! I have the same problem. Sometimes my intentions are too lofty. I am trying to prioritize more, especially during this season of motherhood and realize that my fantasies of a perfectly clean house are not as important as a happy and healthy husband and daughter. I am trying to look at what I DO get done rather than what I DON’T. This helps me be less hard on myself, but it also helps me reflect and think things like, “hmmm, maybe if I spent less time _______, I could do more writing . . . “.

  4. “My husband Mitch and daughter Rebekah deserve my best, not my left-overs. ” This has been heavy in my mind lately, as I am beginning to create space for new ways to serve God, I find my self trying to constantly run it through this type of filter. Is my pursuing of this stealing from that or do they help each other. Thanks for your encouragement.

    • You are very welcome Chara! It is a filter I am also employing. I also run what I choose to spend my time on through the filter of “What will be important 10 years from now?” Having a strong bond with my daughter and a healthy marriage are ultimately more important than a spotless house, or even my blog!

  5. Thanks for linking up with us at #wholemama! Yes, intentionality is key and is a great way to love others well. I hear what Jamie’s saying and I can easily try to be perfect about it. I think that’s one reason why I have 4 kids — it’s overwhelming and crazy and I’ve had to let go of perfection. Thanks for your encouragement, Nathana.

    • Thanks for visiting Ashley! Perfection is something I struggle with many days. Letting go and realizing that the house doesn’t need to be perfect, that it is more important to invest time in my family is a lesson I am learning.

  6. Nathana, I love your thoughts! They remind me a lot of Jessica Turner’s The Fringe Hours (book) that came out earlier this year – she encourages people to hone in on the three main things that give you life, because if you can lean into those, you’ll be healthier from the inside out. So, I love that you nailed them for your life: focus on your family, read books, and write/blog. Keep at it!

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