Crocheted Boot Cuffs and the Downside to Spring

As much as I love spring, I am sadly coming to terms with the fact that it probably won’t snow again. New growth is happening everywhere, the birds are singing, and the spiders are becoming active again.

In case you don’t know, I am very afraid of spiders. So much so I think I drive Mitch slightly crazy some days. One thing we didn’t consider when frantically trying to find a place to rent last June was that this place is old, the carpet is brown, sealing around doors rotted, the windows ancient, and there are cracks and crevices all over the place. Not to mention the bad shape of the garage. What does all this add up to? Spiders. 

And, to make matters worse, we have found several brown recluse spiders, which blend in perfectly to our carpet. I have already found two in the living room near Rebekah’s stuffed chair. As a result, we have decided that we are moving. Not solely because of the spiders. They were just the tipping point. Mitch has diligently sprayed outside, but spray doesn’t seem to be very effective.

We knew we wanted to buy a house when we could. I am dreading packing and moving again. Not just because of the work involved, I really don’t mind that, but because I am nervous about spiders lurking in closets. Alas, I am off on a tangent that I should probably wrap up because today is Yarn Along Wednesday! 🙂

I am happy to say that I did complete one small crochet project this past week: boot cuffs. I am planning to make some of these ahead for Christmas next year. They are fun, cute, and easy! You can check out several boot cuff patterns that I am trying out on my Pinterest board. You can also check out what I am reading on yesterday’s Gather Around Inspirations’ post.

The upside to the spiders is that they will keep Rebekah and I out and about more at the library, friends’ houses, and the park. Also, our management company for this rental is sending some pest control people our way. I am uneasy about the chemicals, but they claim they are safe, plus they spray them in places that Rebekah probably won’t be touching. I hope that it helps. Right now I am scared to let her crawl and cruise around!

What are you crafting on? Any anti-spider advice?

4 thoughts on “Crocheted Boot Cuffs and the Downside to Spring

  1. Hey Nathana! I’m also very scared of spiders! We use Bug Out to come spray once a month and haven’t had much problem at all! I love the idea of boot cuffs! I have one pair and would love more! You could sell them and earn a bit of spending money! See you Friday!!

    • I am looking forward to Friday! Yes, I am glad we are getting sprayed, even though I don’t like the chemicals. Hopefully it will help! If I can get enough time to build and inventory, I have thrown around the idea of Etsy. 🙂

  2. I bought this kit a few years ago, thankfully I’ve never had to use it! But it’s has helped to add a little peace of mind where brown recluse are concerned. (And here is where I remember this isn’t Facebook and can’t post a pic!) it’s a first response brown recluse kit. When applied as soon as noticed the healing time is dramatically less. I ordered from here:
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    • Good to know! Fortunately, I haven’t seen any spiders since last Wednesday. (Knock on wood, I probably just jinxed us!) But, if I see another one, I will order this!

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