DIY Baby Pat Mat (Free and Only Takes 3 Minutes to Make)

We are participating in Parents as Teachers, and a couple months ago we learned about this super fun and easy baby pat mat. The best part is that most people already have all the supplies needed to make it! 

It is super simple, and if your baby is 3-9 months, chances are they will love playing with it. Plus, it teaches about cause and effect. Talk with you baby about “When you hit it or pat it, what happens? Did that blue piece move? What if you pat it here?

2 gallon plastic bags (you’ll want to double bag)
tinsel or foil confetti
foam stickers in various colors or other random things

Add tinsel or other shiny things (like foil confetti), foam stickers, or whatever you have on hand to a gallon plastic bag. Fill most of the way with water, trying to keep the air out. Double bag in case it springs a leak. Give it to your baby, and let them pat it with their hands, kick it with their feet, etc. They will have fun watching the shiny and colorful pieces move about. 

foam stickers


playing with pat mat
(Rebekah started out patting with her hands, but she decided her feet were more fun to use . . . )

Simple, huh? It won’t last forever, but it is a great activity/toy to share with your baby. 🙂