DIY Bible Box with Supplies From the Dollar Tree

Rebekah loves Bible class. I started dropping her off when she was only three months old. I honestly didn’t know how she would do, but she adores it! Sweet teachers, Bible songs and rhymes, and objects to grab and play with make it a fun experience for her. (I’m sure she will go through separation anxiety at some point, but for now she loves going to class.)

Bible Class

I genuinely believe that babies can learn a lot more than we give them credit for. So, why not start teaching them about the most important thing: The fact that God made them and loves them! 

In Phoenix, I spent over a year learning from veteran cradle roll teachers and really fell in love with baby Bible class. I found myself thinking “This would be really easy and fun to recreate!” And so I made my own “Bible box”. It is simply a box of toys, books, and activities that teach babies about God that you can enjoy together.

Did I mention that almost everything in my Bible Box I bought at the Dollar Tree?! Even the box itself. No need to drop big bucks folks!

bible box2
(Okay, okay, Sophie the giraffe was NOT from the Dollar Tree, but I toss her in there when we talk about animals.)

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These are the main components that go into creating a Bible Box:

    1. Animals: Baby-safe animals that are stuffed or plastic are great for teaching your child about what God has created. Plus, you can teach animals names and sounds as you go!
    2. Small Mirror: Babies love looking at themselves in the mirror, so I included a small mirror. Use this when you talk about how God created your child and loves him or her.
    3. Miniature Bible: Teaching your child about how the Bible is God’s word and that it teaches us about God and how much He loves us is important. There are lots of great songs to go along with this, like “The BIBLE”. Rebekah especially loves to slobber all over her Bible . . .
    4. Creation Pictures: I have some fabric creation pictures that my mom made that we look at and sing songs about. Another approach would be to put items in the box that represent each day of creation.
    5. Picture Bible: Rebekah has more than one Bible . . . But a couple of them are for when she is older. Right now her favorite is her Little Lion’s Bible (Furry Bible Stories) (a picture and poem Bible). We found it on clearance for $5 at Mardel’s, but I couldn’t find it online, so this link is to Amazon. You can try and read one story a day with your child.
    6. Board Books: The Dollar Tree always seems to have awesome Bible-themed board books. Both of these books come from separate series. Each series has four books. One series teaches character qualities, the second teaches about Jesus from the perspective of different animals, like the donkey Jesus rode on Palm Sunday. The Golden Book series also has several affordable picture books that teach about God, like My Little Golden Book About God.
    7. Bubbles: Okay, bubbles don’t actually teach anything. But they are fun! 😉

Dollar Tree books
(Haha. I love Rebekah’s hand reaching for the book! One of her favorite things to chew on right now is books. Books, and Sophie the giraffe.)

Babies LOVE rhymes, poems, and songs. Here is a great website for learning Bible songs and poems on a variety of topics. FYI, your baby won’t know if you make up a song. Trust me, I do it all the time! 

I would love to hear new ideas–what else would you put in a Bible box? Let me know in the comments below!

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