Last Day to Buy Your DIY Bundle!

Yesterday, I mentioned on Facebook how much I was enjoying my purchase of the Ultimate DIY Bundle. I have barely scratched the surface of what it has to offer. But since I am in nesting mode with a baby on the way, I am loving all the inspiration!

What exactly am I loving so far?

1. All the thrifty DIY craft and home decor ideas. If you didn’t know, “thrifty” is my middle name! If a project requires a lot of money or supplies, I won’t do it. Simple and affordable are two qualities that I look for in DIY projects.

2. The varietyWhen I first started looking into this bundle, I was skeptical. I am not the world’s craftiest person. For example, I cannot cut a straight line. However, I do enjoy many types of DIY projects. What I appreciate most about this bundle is its variety of topics: baking, homemade gifts, scrapbooking, crafts, nurturing creativity, photography, home decor, homemade skincare products, art, seasonal ideas, canning, journaling, sewing, writing, marketing your crafts, and much more. There is something for almost everyone. In my case, there are several categories I am interested in pursuing. I cannot wait to explore the books on Pinteresting and learning PicMonkey.

3. The eCourses. I have talked a lot about the eBooks, but this bundle also offers excellent eCourses! I am most excited about the beginning Photo Editing course, Story 101, and Family Writers’ Club.

4. The Bonuses. Who doesn’t love free stuff? So far I have signed up for the HopeInk newsletter and will receive two free printable selections of her artwork. I plan on framing them for our youth room at church. I also ordered some adorable free notecards from Fawnsberg. I only had to pay shipping. But I don’t mind when it is the normal flat rate price of around $4. A lot of “freebies” seem like a great deal until you get to where they calculate the shipping and the cheapest option is $16?! Talk about deception! Ultimate Bundles doesn’t do that. Yet another reason I love them. I also signed up for a free Craftsy class on artisan breadmaking, and received a free download for an UpCraft class and cute apron pattern. Yea free stuff! 🙂

Remember, this deal ends Monday, January 26th! Which, by the way is tomorrow . . . so Buy Now!