10 Simple DIY Presents for Christmas

One of the ways I make our tight Christmas budget stretch is by making many of our Christmas presents. I told myself I would scale back on how much I was making. And well, I had the best of intentions . . . Let’s just say that I need to set aside some serious sewing and crocheting time over the next couple weeks!

1. DIY Cookies in a Jar from Raining Hot Coupons


2. 15-minute Pillowcase by Craftsy Who doesn’t love a fun and funky pillowcase?!


3. Simple Crocheted Hat (any size) by Oombawkadesign Many family members requests my simple beanie hats at Christmas. They are fun and easy to make. Perfect if you are new to crocheting!


4. Snowman/Handprint Ornament by Falling into First There are tons of tutorials for this online. It is super simple and fun to do with kids. We did it with our youth group kids a couple years ago, and then I did it with a  girl I babysat, and this year I get to do it with Rebekah!


5. Brooklynn Boot Cuffs by CrochetDreamz I’ve experimented with different boot cuff patterns this year, and I think this one is my favorite!


6. DIY Beard Oil by The Crunchy Chronicles  I haven’t made this yet, but it is on my list to make! 


7. Crocheted Sun Coasters by Make and Takes  I’ve crocheted coasters before and LOVE them. They are easy to make, cute, and washable! It is my first time making these, but they caught my eye because my sister-in-law likes suns. 🙂 


8. Aspen Headband (Baby-Adult sizes) by Make and Do Crew I made this recently for a baby present and loved how it turned out! I wish I would have snapped a picture. I used up some pink sparkly yarn–it really is a cute pattern!


9. Reversable Tote bag by Sew Caroline We made something similar to this for a church service project. We donated them to the kids at the Rainbow House to have something to call their own. They were really cute, so I decided to make a couple for friends as library book bags this Christmas. 


10. Rice Heating Pad by Living Chic on the Cheap I actually made these last year. They were a hit! You can’t beat how useful they are. You simply pop them in the microwave for 2 minutes and you have a fantastic heating pad!


So what’s on your DIY list this year? For more of my favorite ideas, past and and present, follow me on Pinterest and check out my post on Handmade Gifts That I Love.

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