Easy and Free DIY Gift Tags–Not Even a Printer Required!

If you are like me, you LOVE after-Christmas sales. These sales allow me to stock up on almost everything I need as far as wrapping and decor for the next year. However, it is not too often I come across new gift bag tags. That, combined with my love of Christmas card art led me to make my own DIY gift tags.

I hate it when I’ve already used tags on a gift bag. Before I started creating these tags, I resorted to putting stickers on the bags. This means the following year I am trying to find a sticker tag the same size to cover the old one. Over and Over. Because yes, I will reuse the same bags until they literally fall apart. (Thrifty or cheap, you decide. But gift bags can be pricey!) I also reuse tissue paper until it is in utter shreds or crumpled beyond belief. I still have tissue paper and gift bags from our wedding. Six years ago. 

I always buy a few new gift bags at after-Christmas sales to keep my stock alive for the next year. Sadly, it is hard to find new gift bag tags, even full price. But then I had a genius idea (which does not happen often): Why not repurpose all those beautiful Christmas cards I hate throwing away? 

Am I the only one that used to keep Christmas cards out well into February because it seemed so sad to throw away such pretty artwork?

I look at the cards one more time–thankful for all the friends and family in our lives–and then I cut them into gift tags. I cut them into different sizes and designs, making sure to put a hole punch in the top or corner.

Then the next year, I get them out and attach them to the gifts bags with a little bit of the cheap plastic ribbon curled festively, or twine, or whatever I have on hand (even yarn because I always have that!).

These DIY gift tags are incredible simple to make, free, and resourceful! Enjoy!