A Perfect Pairing: Goats’ Milk Soap and Crocheted Wash Cloths

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I have been working on little gift sets as thank you presents for our amazing midwifes. I decided to give them each a Starbucks’ giftcard (When your profession means a lot of all-nighters, coffee is your friend!), a bar of Lomah Acres‘ nourishing goat’s milk soap, and a crocheted wash cloth. I hope this will be the perfect pairing for a thank-you present.

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I have made plenty of crocheted dish cloths over the past several years. They work great and make wonderful wedding presents paired with other items. Since I was giving goat milk soap, I really wanted to crochet wash cloths. So, where else would I turn to gather patterns but Pinterest! I found several patterns I want to try, but this first one is from Raverly. I love the way the stitches create a unique texture. This Waffle Crochet Spa Wash Cloth (free and easy pattern by Katie Alvis) didn’t take long to crank out and I am pleased with the result. The pattern recommended using organic cotton, but I just used the cheaper “peaches and cream” or “sugar’n cream” yarn. Though I did find a Sugar’n Cream Yarn Ombres-Earth through Amazon that seems to be a more natural fiber. I hope to try this on one of my next wash cloths.

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I have been working on building up my Pinterest and would love it if you followed The Engaged Home. On my Yarn Along board you can find many of the projects I have done and ones I plan to try. This pattern as well as several other wash cloth and dish cloth patterns are pinned there.

I want to try this pattern in a solid-colored yarn next because I think it would make the stitches and texture really pop. I may try a brown to match the Cup O’ Joe scented bar of soap I bought. (Which buy the way has actual ground coffee beans in it!) 🙂

lomah acres
Seriously, Lomah Acres has the best variety of scents! They even have several made with essential oils. Their soap is my new favorite thing–I may never go back to body wash . . .

If you missed my post about this family business and their wide variety of skincare products (Oh, yes–much more than soap! Their lotions are are luxurious.) then check out my blog post here or their website.

lomah acres
How refreshing is it that they list all their ingredients for all their products! And, I actually know what they ingredients are, unlike most lotions and soaps . . . 

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  1. Those washcloths paired with that wonderful soap will make terrific gifts! I love the stitch on the cloth pictured. Gotta check that out.

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