Faith in the Home

Psalm 46:10


Working alongside my husband in youth ministry has convinced me that what happens in the home makes a spiritual impact. Too many young adults are deciding to walk away from the church and their faith.

Growing up, these teens darkened the doors of church every Sunday and Wednesday. But they were only there in body. Church was forced upon them with weak explanations. Surely, their parents thought, if we can just get them to church they will turn out OK. Adding to the problem, many parents fail to live out their faith in the home. They passionately speak out against things, mostly political issues, but they treat each other with indifference. Often children witness more depression and anger in the home than Christ’s love.

This is the story of too many young adults walking away from the Christian faith. I know it, because I saw it in college with friends and I see it in the church today among young adults and teenagers.

(Disclaimer: Some parents do almost everything right and their kids still walk away. I do not blame them. But many parents do little to nothing and then blame the church when their kids leave.)

I wish I was making this problem up. It breaks my heart and the hearts of many parents. And, certainly, there are other factors at play. Millennials are leaving the church in droves. A lack of faith in the home is only one of the contributing factors. But it is an important one. Parents need to learn to engage the hearts of their children at home if they are going to continue to invest in church.

Starting Point

Living and sharing your faith at home creates a legacy. Knowing your children creates relationship.  Relationships take work. Embracing vulnerability creates trust. Yet, vulnerability goes both ways. Be vulnerable with your children. Confess your shortcomings and ask for their forgiveness. This modeling will teach them to do the same. Stay open and available to them and listen when they talk.

Through this blog I will share devotionals, challenges, and resources. I want to help nourish you spiritually so you can nourish your family. I am not perfect, nor am I an expert. But believe me when I say, raising my daughter to love God is something I desire above all else. I am pursuing it right along with you.


If you are struggling to see spiritual growth in your children, do not despair! Hold fast. We are all in this together. Though no two kids are identical (even if they are twins) and our challenges are often unique to us, chances are someone has faced something similar. I pray this will be a community where we can learn from each other’s experiences and wisdom. A blog can create just that, a community centered on common goals.  Let us strive to encourage each other along the way.

Please use the comments section to respond, reflect, share parenting wins and loses, and lift each other up. Post what we can be praying about for you. God created us to live in community for a reason!

Praying for your Engaged family,

Nathana Clay

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2 thoughts on “Faith in the Home

  1. Yes! I agree with this completely. While, it’s very sad when young adults walk away from the church, a lot of times there were things the parents could have done differently. The church is not solely responsible for the faith of your child. You can’t send them to church and hope they get all their questions answered and act like faith isn’t a big deal the rest of the time. That education should start in the home and then be supplemented by sermons and youth activities. I can’t wait to read more about this series!
    Charlene recently posted…Personal Goals for October // The Creative ClosetMy Profile

    • Thanks Charlene! I agree. While my husband is a minister, and I believe ministers are essential, I do believe many people and churches outsource their faith to them. It needs to be supplemented and nurtured in the home! As a young adult, I wanted to see how people were genuinely changed by their faith, and what it looked like to live a transformed life. 🙂

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