A Missouri Heat Wave



I kept spotting glimpses of fall in the turning of leaves and feeling it in the cool mornings and evenings. But this week pounded us with the resurgence of an Indian Summer heat wave. I even considered getting back out the wading pool. It feels odd to be crocheting on leg warmers and a winter hat when our heat index is pushing 100. But I found such easy and lovely patterns for leg warmers that I could resist. I made the simple ones for Rebekah to match her hat. But I think I am going to experiment with this pattern and some sparkly pink yarn for our niece. She adores pink and everything girly girl.

Rebekah brought me the finished leg warmers and hat–a willing model–if only she would stand still for more than 0.01 of a second! 😉 When she is not flipping through a book on her own or cuddling in to read with us, she is very much on the move. All the time. But it is great fun.

I am still reading Gilead (affiliate link). It’s embarrassing how long it is taking me to finish it. It is one of the best books I’ve read in awhile. I look forward to picking it up every evening. These past couple weeks I am just so beat that I can only read a couple pages before my eyes get heavy and close.

Rebekah’s list of favorite books is ever growing. I loose count of how many we read before nap time and bedtime and throughout the day. She has really fixated on a few, mostly books with fun animal sounds and pictures like the The Gobble, Gobble, Moooooo Tractor Book. She really grew obsessed with one of her Mother Goose books and The Foot Book: Dr. Seuss’s Wacky Book of Opposites. I have these both memorized now. 

She also adores There’s a Mouse About the House! which is an interactive book with a little mouse to pass through slots and plenty of flaps to lift. From when she first picked it up a month ago to today, she is a pro a moving the mouse through every little slot. Yay fine motor skills. And she even makes the little “chicky chicky” mouse sound I make when reading it to her. I just discovered A Squirrel’s Tale, which is a similar concept. I think it is going on her Christmas Amazon Wishlist!


We have also been doing a great bit of coloring. Though I have to watch her closely. The other day I gave her a little white board and non-toxic white board marker with an eraser to play with in her high chair while I fixed lunch. I soon found her chewing on the eraser end of the marker. I rinsed her mouth out with water and called poison control. They assured me all was well, the worst case scenario would be diarrhea and purple pee. Neither of which happened.

We’ve had much better success with crayons. Our whole family loves AndHeGame’s the Book of Coloring. AndHeGames is running a generous giveaway for both his Book of Coloring and his fantastically fun family game the Cloud Dungeon. You can see more pictures and read more in this post. The giveaway closes this Friday.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaways on blogs really are wonderful. It never hurts to enter! I just won a high quality drying rack through a giveaway on Ginny Sheller’s blog Small Things. I am quite excited to get it. By the way, check out her blog for more wonderful Yarn Along ideas! 🙂

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