Final Nursery Reveal and a Super Simple Crocheted Gift for That Little Girl in Your Life!

nursery revelation

We debated how much to decorate our nursery. We are renters, so we didn’t want to paint and do a complete overhaul. Also, Rebekah will probably spend the first couple months in a bassinet in our bedroom. As I started to work on the nursery, I debated over some cute themes like “baby animals” and “Noah’s Ark.” I kept a few of those elements, but in the end, I decided to go a more “simple elegance” route. What helped me decide was the fact that I loved the curtains we already had in there (I’ve had them since college). They are a light, sheer green. I hung an old flower garland up over them and instantly fell in love. It was simple, but elegant. Mitch and I both love green and it is a color that would work for a boy or a girl. I hope Rebekah finds it calming.


organized baby closet

After deciding that, the rest fell into place easily. Mitch reworked an old, broken down rocker, I found a bookshelf for $5 at Savers, our church gave us a changing table they were getting rid of, and we were blessed by the generosity of MANY friends, family, and church members. Outside of a few baskets I bought at garage sales, I ordered our 48 Piece Nursery Storage Set for $28 through Amazon! It came with so much and the soft green with white polka dots matched perfectly. The prices have changed since, it is now $36. Fortunately, there is a similar 24 Piece Nursery Storage Set for $19!

closet organizing kit expanded

I also finally got some sewing done. I made burp cloths, diaper wipes, hair bows, artwork, and even a changing table pad cover that I am quite proud of pulling off. (You can find most of these projects on my Pinterest! Follow me on Pinterest for all types of family-related goodies from recipes, to devotionals, to homeschool resources, to DIY projects!)

closet left

closet right
The changing cover pad was a different size, so I couldn’t buy one or easily find a pattern. Plus, my sewing skills are very minimal. But, somehow, I pulled it off with some light green with white polka dot flannel I’d had for years and some elastic.

Now, we are ready for Rebekah. Her due date was April 6th, so we are playing the waiting game. Pray for our patience and that she arrives soon and is healthy. I have not resorted to Castor Oil, but we have tried many other “natural inducers” such as long daily walks. But, alas, she has a mind of her own! The good news is that when our midwife checked me, she was very low, my cervix was beginning to dilate and everything was as it should be.

For Yarn Along Wednesday I wanted to share a very simple crocheted flower project. Crocheted flowers are extremely easy and fun to make. I love that they are a fun way to use up leftover scraps of yarn. You can hot glue a jewel or button in the middle and then hot glue the flower to a clip or barrette or headband. They are perfect for the little girl in your life! Check out more crocheted flower patterns on my Pinterest board. 🙂

simple crocheted flower barrette

Be sure and check out more posts at Yarn Along Wednesday!

Any suggestions for convincing Rebekah to make an appearance? Also, any great DIY mobile ideas?

8 thoughts on “Final Nursery Reveal and a Super Simple Crocheted Gift for That Little Girl in Your Life!

  1. I drank Red Raspberry Leaf tea by the quart starting on my “due” date, and Anya was born the day after her due date. Who knows if that is what started labor or if she was just ready, but I DO feel that it was largely the copious amounts of red raspberry leaf tea that I drank before and during labor that helped labor intensify and progress so quickly.
    From the point that I was pretty certain “real” labor was happening until she was actually born was about 5 hours. Of course, I had braxton hicks off and on for a couple of weeks leading up to that day, which also helped active labor progress smoothly. 🙂 I also did lots of lunges and walking stairs… really helps get those muscles loosened up!

    • Thanks for the advice Sonia! I’ve been walking, but not doing lunges or stairs . . . My leg muscles have been tight, maybe that would help. I will also try the tea later today! I’ve been craving herbal tea with my allergies, but I have not been drinking a ton of it. I hear so many different things about it being safe or unsafe. But seeing as preterm labor would not be a concern now, I will try it. 🙂

  2. Very beautiful, and yes, calming and peaceful! You guys have worked hard and I’m proud of you!!! Hopefully today is Rebekah day!,

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