The First Time I Changed a Baby’s Diaper

Many kids grow up babysitting or taking care of younger siblings. I did not. Well, I did babysit, but mostly later in college. I somehow managed to make it all the way until college without ever having to change a baby’s diaper. So when my friend and I enlisted to sub for another friend in the one-year-old Bible class, I thought how hard can changing a diaper be?

To be fair, it is not that hard. Ahem. As long as the child is not actively using all their strength to squirm away from you . . . Rebekah! (We’ve improved a lot lately just for the record.) 

Our first night teaching there was a sweet one-year-old girl very much in need of a clean diaper. My friend was teaching the rest of the class, so I took on “the easy task” of changing her diaper. But as I looked at the disposable diaper I turned it one way then the other. Is this the bottom? This side looks slightly bigger–it must be the bottom . . . Do the flaps things go in the front or the back? The poor girl just stared back at me, probably wondering what my issue was . . .

Well, for some reason I decided it made more sense to velcro the flaps to the back of the diaper and sent the girl merrily (waddling) on her way. After class I asked my friend and she said, “Oh, well the tabs attach in the front of course!”

Of course . . . Ugh. I had felt so proud. Waved goodbye to the family and thought I conquered the whole diaper puzzle with my mere intuition. Ha! I still remember how my face flushed red with embarrassment every time I saw those parents and thought of them discovering the backwards diaper.

Fast forward seven years and I am now a mom. I can look back and laugh at my rookie error. Still, how I’d wished motherhood came with a manual or a how-to class before Rebekah was born. There are certainly enough pregnancy and birth classes, and even engaged couples can go through premarital counseling. But has anyone ever heard of baby care 101? If it exists, I’ve never heard of it. 

After a year of doing my best at this whole mom-thing, I’ve realized that everyone makes rookies errors. They are part of life. My husband and I opted to cloth diaper (at least most of the time) and let me tell you, those can be quite complicated at first (especially figuring out how to wash them). It made me wish I had picked out the ones with velcro instead of snaps! 😉

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