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I keep thinking about starting new fall sweater for Rebekah. Yet, all the sweet new babies entering the world and the pregnant mamas that are due in the next couple months are foremost in my thoughts and prayers right now. As a result, I am crocheting around fleece and cotton blankets, and trying my hand at newborn clothing.

As I mentioned last week, my dear friend from church embroidered Benjamin’s name for me on his blanket. I kept his blanket simple and cute, crocheting two coordinating receiving blankets together. This is one of my favorite styles of blanket to make because it is the perfect size to tuck around a baby in a carseat.

It may be awhile before I meet Benjamin in person, but his healthy birth is a joy. Doctors thought he would need heart surgery at three days old. But he proved them wrong. He was born healthy and strong. 🙂

I started too many books at once in June. This month I am focusing on finishing those books. I am currently fighting the winds, waves, and mosquitos on Fort Peck Lake with Patrick Dobson in Canoeing the Great Plains: A Missouri River Summer. Dobson is a modern-day adventurer in the same vein as John Neihardt  in The River and I. (Affiliate links) From a young age I’ve dreamed of embarking on a similar adventure. Though tempered by adulthood, motherhood, and a good dose of caution, I still hold this dream. A couple months ago he spoke at the library. I am captivated his personal adventure and writing.

Summer is already setting the stage for its final act. Maybe it will always feel short, but between our move, youth camps and events, and just plain ‘ole life, I still think summer is only just beginning. Yet, our students head back to school in just under two weeks, and August is upon us.

I am sitting on our patio as I write, listening to the birds talking and the crescendo of crickets serenading the rising sun. Though fall is my favorite, I am savoring summer. I love hearing the movement of animals (namely a couple fat, gray squirrels who keep eating our pepper plants) in the small patch of forest lining our backyard. However, we discovered some poison oak and poison ivy sprouting up along our border. I’m not thrilled about toxic poisonous chemicals, but from what I hear that is the most effective tactic for removal. Since we moved in June and spent the first half of the month unpacking and the second gone at camps, we have cleaned up the front yard but largely left the backyard alone. I am hoping we can clean it up and prep it for next year’s garden this fall.

Even though summer has been a bit of a busy blur, it was full of joy watching our teenagers from church serve and grow. They are incredible, and they give me great hope for the future of our church and world. I think later this week I will do a recap of some of our highlights.

As always, check out Ginny’s Yarn Along posts for more inspirations and ideas! Plus, her blog is full of beauty, family, inspiration, but also sincerity and vulnerability.

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