Four Great Activities to Engage Your Whole Family

It’s often hard to find activities that all of your kids will enjoy, especially if they’re a range of ages. Luckily, there are some simple activities the whole family will enjoy. 

Hiking/Walks/Bike Rides

It can be hard to drag kids away from screens, but it’s also important for you as a parent to give them opportunities to exercise and appreciate the great outdoors. Walk around your neighborhood or local park. Or, if the weather is nice, find a nearby trail. Let your toddler stop and explore and pick up rocks. Let your older kids bring along nature journals or digital cameras to take pictures. Getting outside on walks is a great way to not only exercise as a family, but to learn about nature.

Growing up, my family took a lot of bike rides. It became our favorite form of exercise and family activity. Sometimes we rode around our neighborhood or to the park, sometimes on a bike trail, and oftentimes to the nearest grocery store. I have a lot of good memories from family bike rides!


There’s nothing that siblings love more than a bit of good-natured competition, even if the good-natured part tends to get a little vicious after a while. This is a fun wintertime activity, especially if you have a local bowling alley that offers cheap nights, or better yet is smoke-free and kid-friendly! Bowling can be pricey, but you also can control how much you invest in it by how often you go and whether or not you buy your own kids’ bowling shoes and bowling balls or not. While some would find these a waste of money, I know many families and couples who play on a league together. Through this shared experience they have made many friends and memories! 

Board Games and Card Games

Mitch and I have invested in board games and card games over the past couple years. A sweet friend gave us a bunch of their old kid games like Candy Land, Memory, and Chutes and Ladders. So we are ready to play with Rebekah in another year or so. We have also saved up and purchased games through our Amazon Prime account. Mitch and I try and look for games that can be played by only two players but also allow for up to four, five, or six people. This way they work if we have friends and family over and for when our kids are old enough to play. But we also want to be able to play them together, just the two of us. After Rebekah is asleep, breaking out a snack and board game is a great date night in and chance to connect!

Some of our favorites include cooperative games (where you work together on the same team against the game) like Castle Panic, Pandemic, The Oregon Trail, and Forbidden Island. If we are feeling more competitive, games like Carcassonne, King of Tokyo, Catan, and Sushi Go! are a ton of fun! I also love group games that help you learn more about the people you are playing with like Apples to Apples and Catch Phrase. (disclosure) Most of these games are currently (2/6/17) on sale for great prices through Amazon!

***As am Amazon Affiliate, we do receive a small percent of anything you buy through our Amazon links. However, it comes at no extra cost or obligation to you, and it helps us out a great deal! Thank you!


Cooking together as a family not only is fun, but it also passes on the important life skill of knowing how to cook and bake. Plus, you usually end up with something delicious to enjoy! Mitch and I have long loved to cook together, and now we are beginning to let Rebekah join us in the process more and more. Baking is a fun way to spend a snow day or to do to share with neighbors or friends.

It is also fun to see what things your kids like to cook or bake. Chances are, they’ll go for something sweet, so make sure you have some easy recipes on hand for cookies or cupcakes. Bear in mind that they might just find the decorating a lot more fun than the baking itself, so make sure that you have plenty of frosting and cake decorations at home! 

Fun activities for the whole family don’t have to be costly or difficult. Sometimes the best memories are made on a walk or while baking cookies!

What are your favorite family activities?