Freebie for the Fourth: Weather Unit for Kids

Keep your kids learning and having fun inside and outside this summer, and all year, with this free weather unit. It is adjustable for age, with several different activities. I am slowly beginning to create educational units to use with our children as they grow, so this is the first of many. I can’t wait to share it with you, wonderful readers!

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but here it has been rainy and stormy. So I thought, what better place to start off then a weather unit! I’ve created this weather unit complete with weather words flashcards (for building vocabulary), a weather report template to get your kids writing and drawing about daily weather and practicing vocabulary words, a storm-tracker journal page where they can draw or write or both what is happening hour-by-hour or minute-by-minute during a storm, weather photo challenge, pages to paint or draw on, coloring pages, pages for writing short stories or poems about weather, and finally a page of ideas for fun weather-related activities to do together.

Free Weather Report Template for Kids

Download Here.

Also, engage your kids with age-appropriate books that feed their interest about weather:

For older kids interested in storms, check out from your local library, or order Adventures in Tornado Alley: The Storm Chasers (amazon affiliate link) from amazon. This book is chuck full of amazing photography, new vocabulary and weather terminology, and actual storm chaser accounts from Mike Hollingshead and Eric Nguyen. And I found it especially interesting because several of the locations of storms they tracked were in my home state of Nebraska. 

For elementary-age students old enough to learn some of the science behind weather and increase their vocabulary,  Weather Words and What They Mean by Gail Gibbons is an excellent picture book crammed full of science and vocabulary in an accessible way.

For younger kids, and definitely those afraid of storms,  Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco is a classic picture book about a grandma helping her granddaughter overcome her fear of storms. I love the artwork, and when my daughter is older, I can’t wait to bake a thunder cake with her and make a special memory! Plus, it is only $4.51 on Amazon (affiliate link) right now (7/4/16). 🙂

A great picture book to go along with the storm journal is  Thunderstorm by Arthur Geisert. For artistic kids, or those interested in tracking the progression of a storm, Geisert tracks the course of a storm through a midwestern farm hour-by-hour and minute-by-minute through his artwork. From the changing of the color of the sky to the reactions of humans to the storm, this book visually displays the beauty and progression of a thunderstorm. Let your child join in the fun the next time there is a storm recording with words or visuals the progression of a storm with my storm-tracker journal page!

Ohio Thunder by Denise Dowling Mortensen combines artwork and poetic descriptions and rhyme to the course of a thunderstorm. Like Geisert’s book, it is another approach to learning about storms in an artistic way that younger kids can appreciate. You can also challenge your child to finger paint a picture or write a short story or poem about a thunderstorm or weather in general. One of my very first poems as a kid was called “Spring Dream”. It was all about the beautiful spring weather. I was riding my bike one evening and was so inspired that I went home and composed the first of many poems in my little red, foam-covered poetry journal. In my weather unit you will find pages for writing a poem or story and a page for painting or drawing, plus coloring sheets!

For more advanced readers (upper elementary and middle school), Night of the Twisters by Ivy Ruckman is a fun fictional read about an actual event–and my claim to fame, vicariously. Before I was born, seven tornados hit my hometown. Both my parents were living in Grand Island at the time and had to take shelter. After the tornadoes, even the president came out to visit. Night of the Twisters is about this very event!

I would be remiss if I didn’t share some poetry! Ted Kooser has a couple books that hold account to winter in the Midwest. The first is Winter Morning Walks : 100 Postcards to Jim Harrison (Poetry Series) and the second is based on historical accounts from survivors of the 1888 blizzard: The Blizzard Voices.

So back to this freebie! It is a two parter. The first part, the weather report template, is ready and free for you to download today! The rest of the unit I will be sending out to my entire email list next Monday. So, if you haven’t subscribed to The Engaged Home via email, you should! Not only will you receive updates when I publish a new post–so you don’t miss anything–but you will have access to freebies and great deals that the rest of the reading world will not. Like this complete, printable, weather unit! You can subscribe by entering your email address on my sidebar where it says “subscribe”. 🙂

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***FYI, I will eventually post the unit for sale on The Engaged Home, so this is your chance to get it while it is free! ***

What other books about weather do you like to share with your children? You can tell I grew up in the Midwest, because most of my focus is on thunderstorms. I would love it if you shared book recommendations on other types of weather too–like hurricanes and floods–in the comments below. 

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