Do your friends speak truth into your life?

Sometimes it is hard to find a friend (and to be a friend) who speaks truth. Not that there are tons of people out there just lying left and right to their friends.¬†No, I don’t think most people are liars. ūüėČ But I do think people are guarded.¬†And I get it. I do.¬†We can’t “go deep” with everyone. It would wear us out. Plus, having some fun, surface-level relationships can be refreshing!

However, I do believe we all need at least one person in our lives to speak perspective and truth. Maybe that person is a friend, maybe that person is a mentor. Maybe God is prompting you to be that person for someone else. Regardless, I believe an encouraging friend who allows you to let down your guard and share your heart can add so much to your life. Especially if this person offers a prayerful, spirit-filled perspective and speaks truth.

I bring this up today because I am thankful to have found these friends over the years: the friends who listen to my crazy mom-fears and speak wisdom and truth. The friends who come alongside me when I am not at my best and encourage me. As a wife, mom, blogger, and just a woman, it is all too easy to fall into the¬†comparison trap where envy stirs in my¬†heart and I’m¬†left feeling like a failure, rather than filled with joy and thankfulness.

Recently, I had the opportunity to rekindle an old friendship. We had lost track of each other after college. Then, about a month ago she came across my blog post on friendship on Pinterest (I didn’t know people were pinning my stuff–thanks!) and messaged me through The Engaged Home. Her message was a welcomed¬†surprise and has revived a relationship I had truly missed. And though we may not be as deep and theological, I feel like C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien writing back and forth sharing life and faith. I look forward to hearing about her week and reading her lines of understanding and encouragement. I hope and pray that my responses bring her as much joy as her emails bring me.

I also bring up this topic¬†today because friendship¬†is an area of life in which I want to grow. When I look back over the past couple years, I realize that I can be a flaky friend. Though I try to stay in contact with my friends all over, I don’t do a very good job. I knew this, but God convicted me recently through Ann’s post on 4 Ways to Be a Better Friend. I want to be the type of friend who listens to another woman’s heart without quick judgement, who takes time to pray over her¬†throughout my day, who makes the effort to connect, and who speaks encouraging words of truth and wisdom. This is my prayer, that through God’s guidance, and a humble and teachable heart, He can mold me into a better friend.

But, if you are a mom struggling to find those friends and mentors in your life, first of all–don’t give up! Keep putting yourself out there. Secondly, take time to watch this free video series on The Truth About #MomFail Culture. The videos are short, funny, encouraging, and¬†real!¬†These two women are real moms getting honest about some of the struggles of motherhood and how we can connect to truth on the hard days when we feel like failures. (Available through Tuesday, April 26th)

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