Gather Around Inspirations: Tap the Magic Tree

I love to wander the aisles of children’s books at the library. I always come home with way too many picture books. And I have the unfortunate habit of picking out books that I think look awesome, rather than thinking of what Rebekah would like. Right now, we are mostly reading aloud from Heidi while nursing, or enjoying board books together (which I often don’t like to get from the library because every baby chews on them). She loves turning the pages of board books and will sit while we read several. She does has a few picture books she really enjoys right now, like The Foot Book, which is quite amusing because Mitch absolutely hates feet . . . We also love the library’s PAL packs, which are themed bags you can check out for a month. They include books, toys, instruments, puzzles, blocks, puppets, and all types of fun things to explore! This is a shameless plug to check out what your local library offers, because they have so many great programs and opportunities for kids.

However, this past trip to the library, I did find a picture book that Rebekah really enjoyed. Plus, it is perfect for this time of year with the season changing! 

Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson has cute, simple art and minimal text; however minimalistic, it is perfect for teaching babies and toddlers about trees and the changing of seasons. What I love the most is that the book involves the child. They get to tap (as many times as it tells you), turn the page and see more leaves appear or new blossoms or leaves falling (depending on the season). Instead of tapping, we used one of Rebekah’s favorite toys: her egg shaker.

Rebekah first played with an egg shaker at Baby Time at the library and she could not stop laughing. It was one of the most adorable things ever. She loved it so much that we went straight home and ordered some off Amazon. She still loves to play with them. I swear she has better rhythm than I do! She can practically shake it on beat with Mitch while he plays the guitar. But I digress. Instead of tapping the page of the book, I have Rebekah shake the egg shaker, then we turn the page to see what happens to the tree. We originally checked the book out from the library, but because we like it so much, I may have to buy it . . . Some women have problems with compulsively buying shoes, my issue is books.

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There are a lot of great changing season books, which ones are your favorite to read with kids?