Gather Around Inspirations: Unpacking My Childhood

I don’t have much to share by way of Yarn Along Wednesday, except a dream I have to crochet Rebekah a light yellow dress for this summer. I crocheted a darling little yellow flower for a hair clip to match her Easter dress, but I failed to get a fantastic picture of it. Now that she is walking, she is a busy body. I don’t walk away with many pictures that are not blurry. And our Easter family picture was a bit mopey. Rebekah was on the brink of sleep when we took it.

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yellow flower1

yellow flower2
She can unload the dishwasher faster than I can load it . . .

It may be a little quiet around The Engaged Home for a couple days. Fortunately, we seem to have worked out most of the spotty Wi-Fi issues. But, add to unreliable internet access a sick baby, and my arms are a bit full. Sweet Rebekah came down with a fever yesterday, and though she doesn’t have any other symptoms, she just wants to cuddle most of the day, with a few spurts of playful energy. Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow. Mitch and I both had 2-day stomach bugs last week, so maybe she has a touch of that virus.

We’ve enjoyed spending a couple days with my parents this week. Before Rebekah got sick I was able to find where they stashed my favorite childhood books.

Books shape our imaginations, teach us about life, and weave themselves into our memories. 

Since Rebekah was born, I found myself thinking about many of my own favorite picture and chapter books. I foraged through totes in the basement, and after a few minutes of searching, emerged successful with two whole totes of childhood books.

Sitting down on the floor in the living room with my parents and daughter while we unpacked all the books and recalled special memories, created a cherished new memory. I shouldn’t have been, but I was surprised at how worn and tattered the pages of my childhood books appeared. It makes sense though when I stop and think of how many times I sat and read those books with my parents and on my own. Almost every book I pulled out of the tote was like reconnecting with an old friend.


childhood books 1
You can’t tell in this picture, but these are small books, perfect for little hands. I remember every single one of these, even after 20 years.

childhood books 2

This Mickey’s Christmas Around the World pop-up book was one that I read over and over again, all year round. It came with a cassette with a song for each country. I would pop that baby into my little portable Fischer-Price tape player and take it everywhere. I was surprised to find it on Amazon at all–though I don’t know many people who use cassettes anymore . . .

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childhood books 3

I loved these “read it yourself” books. They were the books I really hoped to find. I think they are the most engrained in my memory because I read them over and over, with my parents and on my own. As a child who loved great stories, learning to read was so exciting that it never felt like work. You can find Billy Goats Gruff (Read It Yourself) on Amazon, though the price is not listed, so I’m not sure about them . . .

childhood books 4

It is hard to beat these classics. 🙂

childhood books 5

I loved fairy tales, as you can tell by these tattered books with loose pages held together by tape . . .

childhood books 6

I’ll be honest, out of these four I only remember Five in the Family. But my parents said I loved Pat the Bunny (Touch and Feel Book)–and I must have because it is well worn! Finding Old Abe, copyright 1931, was an exciting find that apparently belonged to my grandpa’s brother. It was exciting to find several books from the 1930s.

However, I am still on the search for my Muppets’ Storybook. I remember cuddling close to my parents in their bed and asking them to read just one more story from it . . .

Thank you for going on a quick jog down memory lane with me! When we moved to Missouri, almost a year ago, my mother-in-law brought out a box of Mitch’s childhood books. We enjoyed going through those, laughing at his complete collection of Animorphs and well-loved picture books. I’ve loved incorporating those books into Rebekah’s library. Though most of mine are fragile from many years of love, I cannot wait to share them with her too.

Currently, Rebekah is busy enjoying all of the play dishes and cabinets from my childhood:

childhood 7

What were some of your favorite childhood books? Next week I will share about some of my favorite chapter books that I found in the basement. 

2 thoughts on “Gather Around Inspirations: Unpacking My Childhood

  1. I’m amazed that your parents saved so many books from your childhood (good for them AND you). I have a very few from my childhood, but not my most favorite ones. I would say that Heidi and Joan of Arc were the most memorable books that I read as a young girl. I’m saving some books back from my sons’ childhoods, but your post makes me think I may be saving all the wrong ones. It is interesting to hear them tell me as young adults what books they enjoyed as children – I didn’t know the impact some books were making. Your little Rebekah is adorable! With or without the flower – but it is a sweet thing for her to wear with her pretty dress. ;^)
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    • Thank you! My mom is great at saving things! It is funny sometimes the books kids like. I thought the Sandra Boyton (Sp?) books were annoying, but my daughter LOVES them! I wrote about Heidi a couple weeks ago–it was one of my favorites as a girl. 🙂 We are almost done reading through it with Rebekah. I read aloud from it while she nurses.

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