Join us for “How to Save Your Marriage From Your Kids”

The foundation of a healthy family has got to be Christ. But, I think once we start having kids, it can be easy to forget how important it is to continue to cultivate and care for  a strong marriage. Too often, with the demands of kids, work, and everyday life, our spouse fails to be a priority.

Mitch and I swore this would never happen to us. We were so dedicated to the idea of marriage maintenance. But when you are busy with kids, it is so easy to fail to connect with your spouse. And the busyness and demands of parenthood can almost leave you feeling justified in neglecting your spouse. We have inevitably fallen short on numerous occasions. 

That’s not to say that our marriage is on dire straights. It’s not. There’s still plenty of spark in these hearts of ours. 😉 But it can be so hard to maintain that your spouse needs to be a priority. I do my best to love, nurture, teach, and train our daughter at home. My husband goes into the office and spends his day writing lessons, studying the word, filling out calendars, and lots of administrative duties that keep him busy as well. At the end of a busy day, sometimes our passion for each other takes a back seat to our passion for collective Netflix sessions.

Too many couples become slaves to the calendar, or the paycheck, or the kids, or all three. And they co-habitat, working toward family goals, but failing to connect and pour into one another. When the kids are out of the house, work slows down, and the calendar is more open, it is all too often that couples turn to one another and feel like they are living with a stranger or roommate.

I think sometimes we fail to realize that an integral part of being a good parent is being a good spouse. We need to model what a healthy marriage looks like for our kids. Moreover, a major part of providing a safe and secure home for our kids hinges on a strong marriage. If you and your spouse are on opposing teams–your kids will exploit that. If your marriage is barely surviving, rather than thriving,  your kids will sense that and feel insecure. If your marriage loses its passion–what type of example and motivation for marriage will that provide for your children?

Saving Your Marriage From Your Kids

If, like us, you are feeling the strain of a busy life, and you want to protect your marriage–yes, even from your kids–join us for the webcast “How to Save Your Marriage From Your Kids”. This webcast is hosted by one of our favorite blogs, Marriage 365, on May 18th–this Wednesday! Aka tomorrow! 

Marriage 365 shares a goal common with The Engaged Home: To equip moms and dads with resources to have a healthy and thriving family and marriage. This webcast will be a great way to invest in your marriage if you are in the season of parenthood. Whether that means you are busy with diapers and toddlers that can almost outrun you, or teenagers who are keeping you on your toes and your schedule full, investing in your marriage is always important.

During the webcast they will cover what to do and not do when arguing in front of your children, how to refresh your marriage while parenting, healthy habits for prioritizing your spouse, creative and affordable date night ideas, how to feel like a sexy mom instead of washed up and tired, and how to be the superhero dad and husband.

For $10 you can join the webcast live or watch the recorded version anytime. $10 also includes a couples connecting worksheet and 20 Ways to Show Your Spouse Love eBook. Sign up here!

Will you join us?