The New Recipe I am Obsessed With: Miracle Dough

Okay, so I could go on and on about how awesome this year’s Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is and how it is such a great deal. But I won’t. If you’ve checked out the bundle, you will realize that for yourself in seconds. And, to be honest, these bundles are a great value, but sometimes the amount of resources can be overwhelming.

So I thought instead I would highlight the ebook that I have gotten the most use out of so far. I have started several of ebooks and one ecourse. It is hard to pick a favorite. I feel like I should pick a favorite from every category. However, the ebook I have used the most is Miracle Dough by Tiffany Azure from Creme de la Crumb. I have long loved her blog, and I can’t get enough of this ebook. One simple, 30-minute dough recipe that makes 30+ recipes, both savory and sweet.

Here’s what I have made so far:

Cinnamon Rolls: This recipe ties my long-time favorite cinnamon roll recipe. These are quicker and just as good, though maybe slightly heartier (like most cinnamon rolls). My other recipe makes really ooey goey cinnamon rolls, which some people (like myself) love, but not everyone likes their cinnamon rolls so doughy. This recipe is more like a classic cinnamon roll. 


Pretzels: soft, flavorful, and we repurposed the leftovers into DELICIOUS garlic butter pretzel bites later. I made this batch partially out of whole wheat flour because I wanted to see if it worked–and I ran out of regular flour because I was making so much miracle dough:


Pretzel Pizza: Yes, this is a thing. And it is easy and SO good! I rolled the dough too thin, so it doesn’t look great in the picture, but it was soft, flavorful, and really tasted just like a soft pretzel!


Garlic Knots: An easy and fun alternative to breadsticks. 🙂



This dough recipe really is amazing. One dough . . . so many possibilities.