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This week I sent off Benjamin’s blanket with a prayer and good wishes. Lately, I’ve had endless motivation to crochet. Mostly because in the evenings I avoided dealing with our taxes. I spent months attempting to resolve the issues with our 1095-A before we could send everything off. (Last night we finally put on our “adult pants” and tackled them. More on that later.)

This week I bordered a light-weight receiving blanket for sweet Annabelle, our friends’ new daughter. She is all that is a sweet little newborn. We can’t wait to celebrate her birth at their shower this weekend. If time allows I will crochet together two fleece blankets for something warm to wrap up in when the snow flies or as a soft blanket to spread out on the floor.

Most people give clothes, blankets, or other much-needed baby gear at showers. Similarly, I give what I think will be special, but also helpful. However, when possible, I can’t help but include books–especially books I know our Rebekah loves. For sweet Annabelle we included Rebekah’s all-time favorite bedtime book Time for Bed by Mem Fox (affiliate link) and another favorite–All of Baby, Nose to Toes. I feel peaceful looking at the illustrations in Time for Bed and the rhythmic and soothing cadence sends the cue to Rebekah that bedtime approaches. I’m pretty sure I have it memorized. All of Baby, Nose to Toes is silly and cute with fun rhymes and illustrations teaching about the parts of the body. We treasure both of these books in our collection.

I love that I can pick up crocheting and set it down easily. However, I am fond of sewing. Currently, I don’t have a good space to spread out a long-term sewing project where our daughter can’t meddle. And though I bought some sweet prints at a deep discount (plus coupon) at Joann’s Fabric, they just sat for weeks, neatly stacked, mocking me.

Due to fear and inconvenience, I pushed off my desire to sew sweet baby dresses. The detail and precision involved in sewing intimidated me. In fact, I have yet to try an actual pattern. Usually (with the help of Pinterest) I just eyeball ideas or measure them according to the tutorial.

My friend Julia (who is much more experienced and talented with a sewing machine) and I decided we should get together and sew. We both craved the company and needed the motivation. By the end of our morning she finished a couple projects and I found the courage to design a couple dresses for Rebekah. Julia’s basement is perfect for sewing. I loved spreading out my projects on her spacious ping pong table. But more important than her fantastic space, I remembered how much I love sewing with others. Sewing is more enjoyable and less intimidating with a dear friend to chat with and bounce ideas off. And so it often is with community and creativity. Art can be created in a vacuum, but isn’t it so much richer an experience and product when created in community?

As always, check out more projects at Ginny’s Yarn Along.

6 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. My two year old daughter LOVES Time for Bed! Such a great book! She insists on me trading it to her before her nap and before bedtime!
    Those baby gifts look great!

    • That’s awesome! For the longest time it was the last book of the night that I would read with Rebekah. It always cued her into bedtime. As she grew older she would patiently wait to turn each page. Most parents that I talk to love it. Between the cadence and illustrations I think it is one of the best for sure!

  2. ‘Time for Bed’ was an all time favourite book in our house when my siblings and I were little. I’m so happy it’s still in print.

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