Get Back on Track This Spring with These Organizational Resources

I used to consider myself an organized person. But since I became a mama, my free time to reorganize all of our closets greatly diminished. Now, as we are preparing to spring clean, buy our first house, and host a garage sale, I am realizing how full our closets have become!

I also was not prepared for how much stuff we would acquire after Rebekah was born: baby clothes, baby toys, baby paraphernalia . . . Her stuff is slowly encroaching on all of our living spaces: toys and books in the living room, toys in the kitchen, diapers and wipes on our bedroom dresser, and bath toys by the tub. I’m not complaining, this is our new reality. And having a few toys always scattered around is nothing compared to the joy that Rebekah infuses into our life.

As we prepare to move, I am determined to organize and setup the new house in a way that meets our needs. It may never be perfectly clean, but I do believe we can find a better system that works for us. There is a room that can be used as a dinning room or office off the living room. I am trying to decide if we could make it a workspace/playroom where Rebekah could keep some of her books and have a table to color and do arts and crafts on . . . Not sure yet if that will be the best combination or not . . .

What does organization have to do with a happy home life? For me it is essential. Feeling unorganized and scattered stresses me out. Plus, when I feel like I have a plan and know what to expect, it is easier to embrace family time and be intentional about connecting with one another.

As a personality who needs a plan, I do have to remind myself to still stay flexible too. Life happens, and not always according to our plans!

Fortunately as we move forward with the move, I am armed with some amazing organizational resources to help me find a simplified family system. The resources in this year’s Ultimate Homemaking Bundle are fabulous! I love that there are not only books and resources on cleaning and organizing your home, but also planners and printables. I think staying on top of our calendar is just as hard as staying on top of housework some weeks.

I love to make lists, which is why I’ve been loving the bonus offer from InkWELL Press: $15 gift certificate. I ordered their Weekly Kickstart–a great way to plan out my week in advance:


There is enough space to write out all of our activities, meal plan, and make a task list. But my favorite feature is the “Top 5” where I can put down the five most important things I need to accomplish. This weekly planner is helping me a lot right now as we juggle several things: looking into homeowner’s insurance, inspections, and appraisals as we close on the house, finishing up our taxes (we had issues with the Marketplace sending our 1095A and had to file an extension), organizing events at church, getting ready for high school graduation parties, and intentionally setting aside date, family, and friend time.

I am a fan of sitting down with paper and pen and writing things out, but my husband much prefers the electronic method of scheduling and making lists. He is going to try out the three months free (bonus offer) from

Did I mention that with The Ultimate Homemaker’s Bundle you get 93 resources on a wide variety of topics, plus bonuses, for only $30?! I think some of the bonus offers alone are worth more than $30 . . . 


What systems or products do you use to keep your family calendar under control and house (at least partially) organized?