Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Summer Party

***Post from an Engaged Home contributor. ***

Summer is the ideal time to get out the patio furniture, fire up the grill, and spruce up the garden for an outdoor summer party. When the weather permits, gathering with friends and family outside is the perfect opportunity to kickback, relax, drink some tea, and enjoy life. Thinking about getting some friends together this summer? Here are some tips to make your party simple, but spectacular.


Usually outdoor parties and BBQ’s can be organized by a quick phone call or a text to invite your friends and see who can make it. However, if your party is going to be a bit bigger, or you just want to be more creative, consider an e-vite. 

E-vites are a great way to make invites feel a little more official. They are a good way to make your guests feel that you are really going to town to organize a special night. Maybe you want to create a themed night, or perhaps you want your guests to bring certain supples for s’mores or outdoor games? Think about the details that can make your party that much more special and then incorporate it into your invitation so people can really start to look forward to it. Plus, having people RSVP helps you when it comes time to prep food and seating. 

Organizing Your Outdoor Space

Once you know exactly how many people are coming, you will then want to make sure that your yard is looking its absolute best. You will want to dedicate a good afternoon to de-weeding and sorting out all the shrubs and plants in your garden. You should be deadheading your flowers and making sure your plants look in peak condition and your lawn is mowed. Plus, this will cut back on insect problems. If mosquitoes are bad, consider special candles to help repel them. 

Outdoor furniture should be washed down and organized in a way that best shows off your patio and seating area. You will probably need to add additional tables and seats for your guests so think about the other areas of the house where you can get additional seating solutions, or think about borrowing from a neighbor. You can also ask your friends to bring camping chairs. 


Now that your garden is looking fabulous and ready for your guests, you will want to turn your attention to the food you want to serve. Do you like keeping it simple with a BBQ or a variety of finger foods? Or maybe you want to do something completely different? You could put on a delicious summer seafood banquet for your guests. Something light, fresh and totally delicious. With the click of a button you can even buy seafood online.  Consider serving crab linguine, scallop risotto, prawn salads or even buying a few lobsters to really impress and treat your guests. If seafood is not possible or too expensive, you can cook similar dishes with chicken, or even pork

Don’t forget the perfect simplicity of fresh fruit during the summer. Even incorporate fruit into your beverages: homemade lemonade, raspberry tea, or fruit infused water. These drinks are simple and refreshing served over ice. Most importantly, unless you are serving a formal tea, keep the party causal, fun, and focus on enjoying your company!