Playing Catchup As We Reinvent Normal Life

So it has been quiet around here. The Engaged Home blog, not our home. Between a toddler and two newborns, we have a fair amount of hustle, bustle, crying, giggles, and impromptu singing. The singing comes mostly from Rebekah. Occasionally from Mitch and I . . . What can we say, Moana has catchy music! This is just normal life in the Clay household. 😉

I must admit, part of me is tempted to do a huge photo dump. Mostly because it is way too much fun taking baby pictures, and it is hard to select which ones to include. And Grace, who took our awesome announcement photos, took some more family photos for us. She did an amazing job capturing what she could with Rebekah running around crazy excited that we had company and the boys screaming because they just wanted to nurse and not pose for pictures. They are hitting the age when they see a camera they look at me like “Oh no, this thing again . . . quick start crying!”

With the three-week growth spurt behind us, we are rediscovering normal. More accurately, reinventing normal life. I have not been brave enough to try any serious outings on my own with all three kiddos. But, we have embarked on several outings when Mitch is able to come. And, for the most part, they have gone surprisingly well.

Mitch’s aunt Gina came and helped us out for a few days, which we welcomed. The boys were in their three-week growth spurt and her help gave us the ability to not simply survive, but actually get to do things like shower and eat without holding a nursing baby or waiting until 9PM to scarf dinner . . . Plus, she is always an inspiration and joy to be around.

I’m not as sleep deprived as I expected, most days. However, we don’t sleep through the night as much as we take several decent naps during the night. My body seems to be adjusting to this new normal alright so far. Still, I struggle staying awake while nursing at night. We tried watching TV, but that didn’t work. So now Mitch turns on an audiobook for us while we are up. We are listening to Off to Be the Wizard , (Amazon Affiliate link) which is a fresh plot idea and really quite funny. That is if you like geeky humor. Which we do! (It is currently on sale on Amazon and only $1.99 for the Kindle)

For those who have been praying, we are happy to report that Daniel (as of Wednesday of last week) is up to 7 pounds and 8 ounces and Joseph 7 pounds and 11 ounces! The doctor let us stop supplementing at two weeks. And at this last appointment the lactation consultant was very impressed with their growth.

Updates on The Engaged Home:

As we play catchup on many tasks at home and here on The Engaged Home, we are also excited to roll out some changes, or more accurately new fun endeavors and a refined focus. I want to spend more time and resources talking about building faith in the home within marriages, individually, and with our kids (looking at ideas for different ages). When we did a reader survey, many of you expressed a desire to learn more about ways you could encourage the growth of authentic faith in your children, especially teenagers. And we want to address that and how we can make sure we are living an authentic faith as parents.

We also want to do some type of podcast or video series. During these we will interview or talk to others (more wise and experienced than ourselves) on different topics pertaining to marriage and family. I want to start with the topic of marriage and kids. Of course, we will share what has and hasn’t worked for us. Our goal is to explore the different seasons of parenthood and marriage and the unique challenges and difficulties that arise during them. Most of all, we want to explore ways to stay spiritually connected with God and one another through these different seasons and challenges. After all, it is easy to say when we get married that God is our foundation. But what does that look like in everyday life? How do we live that way?

I also want to continue to share quality literature with you! It is a passion of mine to share books and resources with you. I will do book recommendations. But I want to make it more of a review style–that way you get a better glimpse of the pros and cons of a book or resource in order to better evaluate if it will meet your needs.


Oh and in case these photos suggest we are a perfect family . . . here is how our kids acted for 90% of our photo shoot: 😉 #RealLife

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  1. Your blog brings to it to reality, Joy, and sometimes craziness of raising a family. When you add into that the sudden introduction of not one child but two to the mix I’d say you guys are doing fantastic. You’re always in my prayers and I love your blog God’s blessings and protection to all of you love Auntie Doris

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