A Practical Home Education

Most people think of home education as homeschooling. And yes, it can be one and the same. But home education is so much broader. It encompasses what we teach our children about everyday kindness, how to follow Jesus, responsibility with chores, and home and car upkeep.

You should strive for a practical home education for your child, whether you homeschool or not. So many of us graduate high school and move out of our parents’ house without much of the needed knowledge for adulthood. Now, while I agree experience is the best teacher–there are so many home projects and practical life skills you can allow your child to experience and practice now under your roof. Consider them your apprentice!

Do your children know how to wash dishes or load and unload a dishwasher? Can they clean out and organize a fridge for optimum food hygiene? (This can be particularly fun, like a physical game of Tetris!) Do they know about food safety and have basic knife skills in the kitchen? What about making a budget or writing a check?

After the age of 12 you can expand even further to teach them about home maintenance. Skills they will no doubt thank you for down the road, even if it annoys them now. Consider some of these home basics:

  1. Cleaning the gutters
  2. Mowing the lawn
  3. Checking oil in the car
  4. Changing a tire
  5. Fighting hard water buildup or installing a water softener as mentioned on this page
  6. Washing and folding laundry
  7. Keeping the dryer vent clean and safe
  8. Trading out air filters
  9. Spring cleaning tasks
  10. Taking out the trash/organizing recycling
  11. Raking and bagging leaves
  12. Weeding a garden or flower patch
  13. Cleaning an oven
  14. Washing windows
  15. Plunging a toilet

What other practical basics would you add to this list?

2 thoughts on “A Practical Home Education

  1. Thanks for the very informative blog today! Those skills are so important to teach your children, and also give them opportunities to practice at home. It will build their confidence in their abilities!

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