Save Money on Household Bills

Paying bills is a part of adulthood. I still remember setting things up with the electric company and Verizon before Mitch and I married. It really was a “you are an adult now” reminder. Whether it is our grocery budget, electricity, or the internet, we learned quickly the value of shopping around and cutting costs. Here are some tips to help keep your family’s expenditures under control.

Take a long, hard look at your spending and budget

Get real here. How much are you actually eating out? Did you sign up for the free month of Audible and forget to cancel the subscription? If you don’t already keep a tight budget, sitting down and looking at this can be quite shocking! Where is your money actually going? Is it working for you, or are you coming up short?

Take control of your expenditures

You need to take ownership of your spending. Some things are necessary. For example, your food bill. However, changing the way you shop for food and how you prepare food each week can save you a great deal of money. Meal planning can also reduce the food waste and ensure that you only buy what you need. Many people have reported that they can reduce their food bill by half, just by making a few changes.

Work on more frugal shopping habits

Learn what stores have the best deals. We shop a lot at Aldi’s because it is hard to beat their prices. I also have friends who save a ton through couponing or watching for special deals. Look for deals at the places you shop with helpful discounts like the Kmart Coupon Code. Take time to look into the stores you shop at because many will have online coupons or discount programs. 

Spend some time hunting out savings

For some people, savings are just waiting to be made on their existing bills. Things like internet payments and energy bills all can be reduced, without sacrifice. Often companies will offer great deals and incentives for new customers. So switching providers could reduce your monthly payments. Also, shopping around to price different providers helps you to make a fiscally-informed decision.

Save money on debt payments

Finally, debt payments can mount up. Hopefully you don’t have any, but it is a reality that most americans do. Tackling debt takes many of the above steps: taking a hard look at your budget, reigning in spending habits, and seek savings. Becoming debt free also takes hard work and sacrifice, but the security and freedom it brings is worth it. Check out the Dave Ramsey method of paying off the smallest debts first and then applying those payments to the others to create a “snowball effect.” 

These things have made a huge difference in our financial landscape. We don’t make a lot of money, so what we do have, we have to make work for us. May you experience blessings on your journey to financial freedom!

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  1. I made it a personal challenge this last year to see how far I could cut down our energy bill. I sealed our doors, put the plastic on our windows, kept a close eye on the thermostat, and unplugged anything I wasn’t using currently. The energy bill dropped bit by bit! Then one day, in the middle of July, I came home from work and my poor hubby was sitting on the couch. He looked so miserable, that we turned the A/C on then and there. Our bills were definitely higher this summer, but it was a good reminder that sometimes it is worth paying a bit extra! Ha ha! But it was eye-opening to realize how much power we had to lower some of those bills. I really want to tackle our food budget next!
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