Six Years

This week we celebrated six years of marriage. On December 18th, 2010, after a whirlwind of finals and preparations, we took our vows. I still remember walking out of the sanctuary to the glassed-in foyer to see snow lightly falling. As we walked out to the car, snowflakes drifted down and sprinkled our hair. We felt blessed to share such love and to be able to share our big day with friends and family from all over. But we also knew it was only the beginning.

Weddings are beautiful and full of hope and promise. Still, they are a mere beginning. A celebration and covenant of love that God intends to stretch throughout our lives, and even beyond in the form of our legacy. And neither of us could have predicted the adventures, challenges, and surprises awaiting us.

I am thankful for this man. Thankful to have him by my side on the good days and the bad. To walk this winding road together. And to build a family and legacy together.

This past Saturday we braved the icy roads of Springfield to celebrate our six years together. We kept it simple since we have plans to go see Andy McKee (affiliate link) in concert next month. As we ate together we talked about life, the past, the present, and the future. And, since we had the space and time we finally decided on names for our twins. We picked out two boy names and two girl names, since we don’t learn the genders until next week.

It was a short date, since we wanted to spend time with family and get off the icy roads. But it was worth every minute with this guy. And we know that to keep our marriage strong, we have to keep investing and growing. With our family growing and life in transition, year seven is sure to bring many joys, sorrows, hard days, and surprises.

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