Surrender and the Joy of Spring















Over the past three weeks we have been enjoying spring-like weather. Everything is budding or blooming. Everywhere I look, new life is pushing its way out of the earth.

This warm weather has resulted in several family walks. Rebekah has taken to wanting to either hold tight to one of our hands or on to Hazel’s leash–which she is quite good at! Columbia has so many parks and trails that we are still exploring and finding new locations to walk.

Over the past two weeks we have either visited or been visited by both of our families. This new year truly has been a transitional season for our extended family, from the blessing of the birth of our new nephew, to my in-laws’ move, to my sister-in-law’s sister’s progress on a long journey of healing after being hit by a drunk driver. We are moving forward, step-by-step, day-by-day in faith.

During this time of year I am always reminded of the hope Christ brings. Spring is a beautiful and vivid image of God making everything new. Even Jesus, buried in the ground, leaving his disciples, friends, and family scared, conquers death and emerges from the tomb offering life eternal.

As I watch life burst forth from the dark earth of winter, I bear witness to God’s power to bring beauty from ashes, life from death, and joy from sorrow. And I hold on to this truth. When I feel overwhelmed and wonder if the dark days will end, or if we will emerge from difficult circumstances, I hold my hands open to God in surrender and faith. Surrendering control and fear in faith that He will work transformative wonders deep in our souls. I hold my hands open and ready to receive the gifts He gives each day, and open to His will, even when I don’t know where it will lead.

What gifts from God are you cherishing this spring?

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