Encouraging Your Child to Have a Healthy Self-Image

Now that I am blessed to be the mother of a 5-month-old baby girl, I am realizing how easy it is to slip into the comparison and labeling game. I am excited to unravel her unique personality. Yet, the sneaky sin of comparison sometimes sneaks into my mind. She doesn’t laugh as often as so-and-so, but she has more motor skills than that kid . . . etc.  These thoughts are unfair to her. They make me over-analytical and anxious. Plus, comparison is always a lose-lose situation. Either she comes out ahead in my mind and it feeds my pride (a sin I struggle with), … Read more…

“God is Our Source of Joy” Family Devotional

family devotional on joy

“God is Our Source of Joy” Family Devotional As always, alter  according the ages of your children. I try to make the devotionals accessible for all ages, but there may be parts you need to tweak. Also, at the bottom of this post you can find a printable PDF of this devotional! 🙂 Explore the Meaning: What is joy? How would you describe it? Are joy and happiness the same thing? If not, what is the difference? Happiness is circumstantial, meaning that we are happy if good things are happening to us, but unhappy when bad things are happening to … Read more…

Begin at Home

What begins at home?

And so, SO much more!

Disclaimer: Can you learn these things outside of the home? Of course, but your home life has a huge impact on you and your child’s development. What happens at home can equip us to navigate life, or it can hinder us.

I dedicate this blog to those of us who want our home to be a place of refuge, learning, love, faith, comfort, growth, and good food!

We are not perfect; we cannot do it ALL, all of the time. Imperfections aside, for those of us who long to nourish these wonderful opportunities in our homes and in the hearts of our family, let’s take a journey together!