Thomas Locker Wins My Heart Again

Sometimes there are books that appeal to the teacher in me, or the mom in me, or the historian, or poet . . . But rarely do I find a book that wins the whole of my heart. Thomas Locker has a way of stunning me on all fronts. Every page in a Thomas Locker book is a work of art. His landscapes are worthy of being framed–and many are in prestigious museums. I am slowly buying all of his books for our personal collection. Home: A Journey through America (amazon affiliate link) celebrates the beauty of the different places across America … Read more…

Creating Character: An Education for the Whole Family

I was inspired by the Duggar Family (20 Kids and Counting on TLC, or in our case Netflix) to begin a journey focusing on developing godly character. They incorporate character building into their homeschooling curriculum and daily life. At first, I thought practicing good character was only for little kids, something taught in Sunday school. But, I was very wrong. Just because we are “adults” does not mean we have it all together. Building character is a journey you can begin whether you are two or 72. I am a work in progress and I pray God is not done with … Read more…

God Asks YOU to Pass on Faith to Your Children

  God asks YOU to pass on faith to your children. A lot of pressure, right? But let’s face it, you are influential in your child’s life, even if it feels like they listen to their friends more than you. While it is your responsibility to pass on faith, you are not alone. Church is a beautiful community of people who can help you raise your children to know and love God. That is the purpose of youth and family ministers and Sunday school teachers. I believe most ministers would agree that they love being a part of your child’s faith journey, … Read more…

Begin at Home

What begins at home?

And so, SO much more!

Disclaimer: Can you learn these things outside of the home? Of course, but your home life has a huge impact on you and your child’s development. What happens at home can equip us to navigate life, or it can hinder us.

I dedicate this blog to those of us who want our home to be a place of refuge, learning, love, faith, comfort, growth, and good food!

We are not perfect; we cannot do it ALL, all of the time. Imperfections aside, for those of us who long to nourish these wonderful opportunities in our homes and in the hearts of our family, let’s take a journey together!


About The Engaged Home

The Engaged Home is committed to providing inspiration and resources for all the splendid (although sometimes challenging) activities that begin at home. We support families in home education, healthy lifestyles, developing Christian faith and character, and having fun together! Whether your family consists of you and your spouse, or is bursting at the seams with children, we are here to grow with you and encourage your healthy home life! About Us: Our passion for learning how to create a healthy home life began before we were married. Years later, we are continuing to discuss family, finances, faith, education, and building … Read more…