The End of Winter (at least here in Phoenix)


My Facebook feed has been cluttered with pictures of snow and statuses about snow days. It makes me homesick and nostalgic. Well, all of it but the pictures of cars buried in snow and status updates about shoveling the driveway. I can’t say I miss those aspects of snow. But I do miss bundling up for the blustering winds, sipping warm beverages of all varieties, and cuddling up with a blanket to read. I’d hoped to accomplish some of these things while visiting family in Nebraska, but it was pleasantly in the 40s and 50s the whole time I was there. 🙁


In Phoenix, we are saying goodbye to winter. Winter meaning the occasional rain and weather in the 60s. My husband’s friend Kyle visited us this week and they galavanted around everywhere in shorts and t-shirts. I believe it even reached into the mid-eighties this week. I am kissing winter goodbye with a mixture of anticipation for Spring and dread for Summer. Anticipation because the birds are singing all day (which I love) and walks are warm and mellow. I feel like I just want to stretch out in the gentle sunshine and take a nap! Plus, Rebekah is due in April. We are busy preparing, making lists, and building excitement to meet her soon!


The dread that tempers my joy is the knowledge that Spring is short-lived here. It will soon be replaced by heat. The type of heat that everyone takes shelter from and cranks up the air conditioning as a coping mechanism. But during this strange mixture of joyful anticipation and dread, I am reminded to be content.

Contentment does not depend on circumstances. But I do think it has a lot to do with the way we look at the world around us. Change your perspective, change your world. I choose to focus on the birds singing all day outside my window, the sun’s rays warming my back, the sprawling sunsets in pink and red and orange. Even when the heat comes, there will still be beauty if I look for it. Here and now is temporary. Not only do we have an eternal heavenly home that we are striving for, we know that God will be carry us through the difficult times. I find contentment in God’s promise to never leave us nor forsake us. 

Where do you find your contentment?

(Unrelated Update):

I have been having trouble with Feedburner, the service through which you can receive my blog posts via email. I cannot customize or access it. I know it works because myself and others still receive the emails, but I have no idea how many of you have subscribed (It may be 2 of us or 200!). I want to switch to a service I can better customize to fit my needs and your needs. So if you do receive my posts via email, next week on Monday, February 9, I am going to switch to a new email subscription service. Please resubscribe!