The Homestretch

Welcome to the final days before our boys are born. I am 37 weeks pregnant with twin boys if you missed the news. And while I think all the big things are in place, little things to clean, organize, or prepare keep pestering my mind. But at this point what will get done will get done. Rebekah and I both caught colds, so we are slowing down, resting, and recovering. I don’t imagine being sick when the boys are born is the best scenario!

On my nightstand currently sets Birthing from Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation (Amazon Affiliate Link) and Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. I read Ina May’s book when I was pregnant with Rebekah. It gave me the shift in perspective and positive encouragement I so desperately needed. If you are interested in doing a natural birth, I cannot recommend this book enough! Plus, it is super on sale on Amazon right now (4/26/17).

Birthing from Within surprised me. It seemed a bit odd at first talking about birth art and whatnot (though I even came around to wanting to make or at least visualize some of my own). But it really helped me face down some of my fears of having a hospital birth since it speaks into the context of both homebirth and hospital birth. Plus, its chapter on Cesarean Birth has brought me a lot of peace as we prepare for different possibilities.

I felt so empowered after Rebekah’s birth. Everything pretty much went as hoped and planned. However, our pregnancy with these twins has been full of surprises from the get go! Both boys are almost six pounds each and doing fantastic. Except they are still transverse and breech. Which means an automatic Cesarean Birth unless the first baby flips head down. I am headed to the chiropractor today and still trying what exercises I can manage to do. But I should have started the exercises much sooner. At this point it feels almost futile. But our OB and doula tell us that stranger things have happened, so I will press on!

Our OB is content to wait and give the boys time, as long as I don’t dilate very much. If I start to dilate, then I am at risk for labor starting fast and a prolapsed cord. Fortunately, talking through the Cesarean option with her helped me to know that it isn’t going to be all-out barbaric. And they will allow for it to be as gentle and family-centric as possible, even allowing the cords to stop pulsing before they cut or clamp them. And after a quick inspection, our boys will be set on my chest. Our hospital promotes skin-t0-skin contact and breastfeeding, which I appreciate.

Though I have still been writing in Rebekah’s journal every couple months or so, I have yet to start writing in the boys’ journals. I think Mitch and I are going to sit down and do that together here over the next couple days. I love the tradition of writing to our children. It allows us to speak love, share cherished memories, and write out prayers over them.

During these final days I’m trying to keep moving. With last-minute chores always springing up, the planting of spring flowers, “final” trips to the library, store, farmers’ market, Goodwill, park, etc., visiting nearby friends, and attempting to wrap up a couple sewing projects for the boys, not to mention keeping my blog from becoming silent, and all the “paperwork” chores I detest, my days (like this horrible run-on sentence) seem like they could stretch on forever. And yet they fly by. And some days all I do is the bare minimum with lots of rest.

And that is what I think of at the end of the third trimester: the tension between nesting and finishing everything and the overwhelming desire to rest and sleep (when one’s massively pregnant body allows it).

On the upside, I am celebrating this final leg with 1) way too much ice cream (I’ve got to use the pregnant excuse while I can right?) and 2) my favorite sale of the year: The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! (Posts from last year’s bundle.) It kicks off today and is packed with tons of resources and bonuses that I put to use throughout the year.

Here’s a few of the ways I used the bundle from last year:

    • I ordered the HopeInk bonus prints to help decorate in the middle school youth room at church.
    • We used RightNow Media through MollyGreen for a girls’ Bible study series.
    • I enjoyed the free trial and free products from Grove Collective.
    • The oil-based body wash from Bloom Naturals saved Rebekah’s skin during the winter.
    • I use my InkWell Press organizer every week.
    • The Miracle Dough ebook is probably my most-used recipe book this past year.
    • Plus, the bundle included tons, and I mean tons of fantastic ebooks on a variety of subjects. It can almost feel overwhelming with how much you get, but there is literally something for everyone. And I love that I have great recipes on hand, devotionals (often geared toward marriage and motherhood), books to spark creativity, simplistic, frugal living books, and so much more!
    • Did I mention there were several free ecourses? Of course, I didn’t have time to read it all, but once you download, the bundle never goes away. Which means I always have those resources on hand!

There are several things I am stoked about for this year. But I am starting with an ecourse on a Mom’s Guide to Better Photos (regardless of the type of camera you have). Since we don’t have much money to spend on a photographer for the boys and my camera has a slower shutter speed than I’d like, not to mention my minimal skills, I am hoping to get some tips for great DIY photoshoots!

Mitch and I are also starting to read Making Big Life Changes Together: Pursuing Your Dreams as a Couple by Haley Stewart. Since our major transition back in November, we have felt as though God is calling us both toward some joint endeavors. Working together was one of our favorite parts of youth ministry, and we feel like we have many common creative drives and passions. I cannot wait to read this book with him!

I think if you take the time to check out all this year’s bundle has to offer, you will be just as excited as I am! The sale only lasts for six days, so act fast! Plus, if you buy during the first two days (through this Thursday), you get a free eReader upgrade. I plan on taking advantage of this so I can enjoy the ebooks on my kindle while nursing. 😉

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  1. You look so good, Nathana! I am currently reading Birthing from Within (I picked it up, randomly, at a thrift store), and Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (which my sis-in-law mailed to me). Birthing from Within definitely is a bit more out there, but I am really enjoying the author’s perspective. I really haven’t read any pregnancy books for the first half of my pregnancy, but I did a ton of research online, listened to lots of birth stories, and tried to get a really good understanding of birth in general. But now the time has come to start reading through all those books that have been given to me about birth, breastfeeding, and parenting. Whew! It seems like the second trimester just really flys on by.

    I am so excited to see pictures of your little boys! I have a friend who has twin girls, and I’ve loved following their growing up years. 🙂 I bet you are so ready to get lots of snuggles in with those baby boys!
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    • So glad you got a hold of those books! I pray they will be an encouragement to you! I have loved following your pregnancy journey. It brings back all the feels. And it will be cool that next time we meet we will have little ones close in age! 🙂

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