3 Easy DIY Valentine Crafts

  1. Heart Journal: Super easy to make! We made these as prayer journals at a girls’ devo this past year. 🙂

2. Heart Mug: This is similar to the journal, but on a mug! 🙂 By the way, you can often get cute journals and white porcelain mugs at the Dollar Tree! (credit to Today’s Creative Life)

3. Heart Painting: I took this heart sticker/paint marker idea and applied it to a painting idea I had. Rebekah and I were talking about the color blue, and since she loves to paint, I decided she could help me with this craft. I put a bunch of foam heart stickers over a small canvas I had. Then we painted blue over the stickers and let it dry. After it dried, I went over it with a dark blue paint marker and a gold marker. I also traced around the hearts to make it more visible. Silver would have looked better than gold, but gold was what I had. I think we will either put this in the play room or the boys’ room.

What are some of your favorite Valentine Crafts?