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Books are one of my favorite gifts to give and receive! As an avid reader, I love collecting books, and most years they are at the top of my Christmas list. I am also “that aunt” who’s always buying children’s books for my niece and nephews. I can’t help it! Children’s books are just too cute! Plus, many are both engaging and educational for young minds. In addition to buying for others, I have already started a personal children’s library at home in preparation for Baby Clay in April. I am a firm believer in reading with young children, even young babies. My mom read aloud to me from when I was a tiny infant. She would read to  me until I nodded off in the crib. To this day, she believes that is why I love reading. There is also plenty of evidence to back that up in the educational world.

Part of Natasha’s personal Usborne collection.

My personal children’s library got its start from two sources: The first was my mother-in-law passing on some of my husband’s favorite childhood books to us. The second was from signing up to be an Usborne book consultant when I was 21. I love Usborne books, and signing up to be a consultant supplied me with a TON of awesome books for $75 (Or at least that’s the price it was when I signed up a couple years ago. Now, depending on the kit you start with, it is between $69-$125 to become a consultant). I used to be a consultant with Usborne, but when we moved to Arizona I let it go, so I am teaming up with my friend Natasha for this Usborne books eshow. She is a smart mother with a background in both homeschooling and public education. Natasha and her husband Ben have one son, Jayden, and are right about to welcome a second child into their family any day now! I am so excited to work with her to share Usborne books with you through this review and our online party and GIVEAWAY.

Natasha’s son Jayden reading.

If you do not have children of your own yet, you can always give the gift of reading through Usborne books as a baby shower present, birthday present, or Christmas present to a child in your life. There are so many reasons why giving books is a great idea:


As a buyer and former consultant, I know Usborne books is a brand worth standing behind. New children’s books can be pricey, but Usborne books are reasonably priced. Plus, they have a huge selection of high-quality books. Working at the library, I learned quickly how popular Usborne books were among children. They held up well under much use and could be found in the fiction, non-fiction, picture books, and board books sections of the library. If your child is a pre-teen or younger, they can easily find something they like through Usborne books.

Here is Jayden flipping through an Usborne catalog and pointing out the shark book that caught his eye!

Jayden reading2
Jayden all tuckered out after reading some great books!

If giving the gift of reading interests you, here are some of my all-time favorites.

My favorite Usborne books:

  • Board Books: There are SO many great board books for babies that teach animals, colors, counting, etc. Many of them also have great sensory elements that babies love. Plus, they hold up well over the years! There is a series that is very popular at the library called “That’s not my _____” (Goat, boat, train, bunny, etc). It is a very cute series that babies and toddlers love! However, I would recommend buying them rather than going to the library, because the board books encounter a lot of, well, love in the form of slobber and germs that leak out of small children. Usborne board books make excellent baby shower presents!
  • Educational Books: Usborne has a ton of great non-ficiton books on a variety of topics. Some of the books are on narrow topics such as Forensic Science, or the ocean, while others are more broad encycolpedias, like “See Inside Your Body.” But they are all made to last. They are popular among students because of their vibrant pictures and fun ways of presenting information.
  • New Reader Books: Do you homeschool? Are your children just learning how to read? The “Very First Reading Set” books have excellent reviews from parents and teachers because of their unique design. They are created for children and parents to read aloud together. The child reads one page with simple beginner words and the parent or sibling reads the next page that has more words and story content. This approach not only gets families reading together, but it is more engaging than the “See Spot Run” books with no plot. These readers have some of the most well-developed plots available for new reader books.
  • Picture Books: Who doesn’t love picture books? One of my favorites is “How Big is a Million?” It is a cute picture book (hardcover) with a poster of a million stars in the back, for only $10.99! Most new hardcover books in the store are $17.99-$29.99!
  • Activity Books: Now, these make the ultimate gift. Children LOVE these! There are so many on a wide range of topics, some simply fun, some educational. They have great activity books that come with wipe-away markers to practice letters and numbers. There is also a huge selection of fun sticker books. While babysitting a girl at church who was going into kindergarten, I brought along a Sticker Dolly Dressing Movie Star book that I had got through Usborne. She was ecstatic! It kept her occupied for hours. This book comes from a whole series of fun reusable sticker books. If your child loves artwork and drawing, Usborne books has heaps of options, such as “I Can Draw Animals” and “Step by Step Drawing Book”.

customer specials
Looking for a bargain? Here are some great titles at a fantastic price! Make sure you note the date–only the bottom row is currently on sale.

Visit Natasha’s Usborne book website to look through all the Usborne books and make a purchase! Also, if becoming a consultant interests you, or you would like to host a party, online or in person, you can contact her through her site.  Our online show will go until December 2nd. I will keep you updated on any new sales that may arise between now and then. Usborne books are prompt and if you order by the 2nd, you should have your books in time for Christmas.

***As a consultant, Natasha and her family will financially benefit from your purchases, I will not. I simply love Usborne books and depending on how our online party goes I may get to pick out a couple free books to add to Baby Clay’s collection. I am thinking “That’s Not my Puppy” and “Animal Noises”. 🙂


Before you depart, dear readers, please enter my Usborne book GIVEAWAY! I decided that I could sacrifice one book from my collection . . . So, if you enter the giveaway, you will have a chance to win a free book. I have two options available for you to pick from if you win:

1. Brush Your Teeth Max and Millie for those of you with younger children.



2. And choice #2, a colorful, informative non-fiction book about Forensic Science. This would be great for a 2nd grader or older!


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10 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: Usborne Books and Giveaway

  1. Hello Nathana! I loved this post. The pictures are adorable and the 5 reasons you gave are fantastic. I’m one of those aunts that enjoy gifting books too. With all the illiteracy in this country it’s great to find someone who promotes literacy. Awesome! 😀

  2. Yes we read books ALL THE TIME! I don’t know if we have a favorite. My son loves non-fiction, anything about animals and lately anything about tornadoes or volcanoes. Some of my favorite read alouds are Caps For Sale, Pout-Pout Fish, Skippyjon Jones….I could go on naming. Thanks for this great giveaway! Glad I found it on Fellowship Fridays!
    -Miranda at

  3. We love the Max and Millie books! They are just right for older toddlers that are over board books, but need something more sturdy than a “regular” book.
    My girls also love The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales. They love reading the book and listening to the CD that came with it (an audio version with sound effects), and I love Stephen Cartwright’s illustrations.

    • I love your description of the Max and Millie books Emily! They are a step up from board books, but they still hold up to wear and tear! I have The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales as well and LOVE it! I am keeping that one for our Rebekah someday. 🙂 When I was working as a nanny, the Farmyard book and The Gobble, Gobble Goose (I think that is the name. . .) were a big hit!

  4. I loved reading growing up and have fond memories of reading with my grandma. My favorite books were Corduroy and The Three Little Billy Goats Gruff.

    • That’s awesome! Memories like that are precious. I also loved The Three Billy Goats Gruff! My parents had a young reader version, so it was one of the first books I read all on my own.

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