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I tend to be a tight hooker (good ‘ole crochet joke). But this hat I made for a baby fits my 16-month-old daughter just fine. I decided she could keep it as a warm winter hat. She loves wearing it, even in the summer. I have several projects stewing in my mind, including cute leg warmers for little girls and Rebekah’s fall outfit. I would love to knit her outfit, but I doubt I can pick up knitting that quickly.

Meanwhile, I am reading through the moving novel Gilead (affiliate link) by Marilynne Robinson. Rooted in Christian spirituality, it was praised with high acclaim, even winning the Pulitzer Prize. Reading it, I can understand why. The narrator seems reliable, which after some of the books I read recently, I find refreshing. John Ames is much older than his wife. And with warnings from the doctor, he knows he will not be around for much of his young son’s life. Thus, he writes letters to his son insightfully sharing about his life and ministry. He acknowledges what we as Christians often hesitant to acknowledge, that though faith fills us with great hope and purpose, there is also loneliness and courage within each person.

I often think about this dichotomy. How within our hearts and souls we simultaneously hold sadness, joy, grief, love, loneliness, hope, pain, and courage. And sometimes we want to run from the harder emotions instead of embracing them as a part of us and a part of life. I am learning not to fear the emotions of sadness or loneliness. They are a part of our humanity, our fall, our story. God will someday set it all right again. But for now, they are a reality. Thank God that through Jesus we have reconciliation and the hope of complete restoration.

I am joining Ginny over at her blog Small Things for Yarn Along Wednesday. Check out her blog and the others that link up and share there.

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  1. I loved that book. There are two other related books, Home is one (forgot the name of the other). They are also excellent. It was a quiet, thoughtful read.
    Your daughter is adorable!

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