Yarn Along: Thinking of Others This Week

This week I am trying to finish up a couple gifts to mail off to encourage some special people in my life. The first is a hanging towel (I will make a matching dish cloth too) for a blogging friend who got married last year. It will only be a year late, so let’s call it a one-year-anniversary present . . . 😉 When I saw this kitchen towel, I knew it would look great in her kitchen, and it reminded me of them.


My aunt has recently undergone some serious surgeries for a bad break in her leg and most recently a bowel obstruction. No fun at all. I am hoping to encourage her with a crocheted wash cloth and some therapeutic bath salts (now that her leg has healed).


As far as what I am reading right now, I am enjoying reading through some spring children’s books with Rebekah. In my free time I am loving reading ebooks from the current Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. This year I preordered and put them on our Kindle so that I can read while nursing.

Here are a few of my favorite ebooks and courses so far:

  1. The cleaning recipes in Lisa’s book are fantastic! I love that I have most of the ingredients already. I am totally making some of the laundry soap later today (because we are almost out . . .) and you can’t beat 1-3 cents per load!

Homemade Clean

2. One of our goals this summer is to can some salsa, jams, and tomato sauce. Because are moving in June to a new house, we won’t have a big garden to work from, but we can always visit the Amish market for great deals. We bought canning supplies last summer, and we are inheriting a pressure cooker that my in-laws no longer use. So here is to putting all these wonderful printables to use! 


3. This isn’t a book, but rather an ecourse I am very excited about. I have started to box up some things in preparation for our move (still a month out). It has made me realize how many clothes and toys we have accumulated . . .


4. Okay, this recipe book is kind of my new obsession. In the past few days we have made cinnamon rolls, pretzel dough pizza (so good), and garlic knots with this one, easy, 30-minute recipe. It really works! Next up we will be trying bagels and homemade pretzels. I also want to see if I can successfully sub in whole wheat flour . . .


5. This bundle also has several ebooks and printables for kids for Bible study, chore assignments, and teaching the basics of budgeting. I love that this year’s bundle offers resources for kids as well as adults. 🙂


This year’s collection includes a total of 93 resources: 70 ebooks, 9 ecourses and 14 printable packs. It’s valued at $1,102.49, and the bonus offers are an additional $308.94 value. All for $30! You can see an overview here.

Starting tomorrow, I will begin sharing my favorite bonuses. They are seriously fantastic, ranging from Bloom Natural’s skin care, to beautiful HopeInk prints, to InkWell Press organizers and planners, to a free Craftsy course, to a free 1-year subscription to MollyGreen.com and RightNow Media (which I have been wanting to try!), plus much more.

Plus, if you order today or tomorrow you get the early bonus upgrade:

The sale only goes until May 2nd!

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